Self-Promotion Pt.2

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Self-Promotion Pt.2

Post by ZOMBIE USER 7487 »

I didn't realize my first "Shameless self-promotion" post would be so popular, so I'm going to set up some guidlines this time around. Nothing too difficult, I assume.
1) Comic's name (duh.)
2) URL (Also duh.)
3) A short description of the comic's present, as well as plans for the future.
4) Anything else.

For example, my Comic's name is Guardian. It's at Right now it's almost finished with the first arc, which has nothing to do with the plot from here on out. Go figure. I haven't drawn him yet except in filler, but Guardian is the name of the main superhero, who also happens to be the main character. Think "Power Rangers", but much less corny. Oh, and I'm notoriously poor with my updates.

Like that, except with your comic.
Also, please post your self-promotion here, instead of in the older self-promotion topic. Thank you!

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My shameless self-promotion

Post by Idget »

Well, if you say so.

My comic's name is IDGet ( ). Storylines? Plot arcs? Character development? Uh, there are silly puns and random jokes, does that count? Okay, so it doesn't. There are some storylines... the evil twin of Greg Proops tries to take over the world, and there are some parodies done with chicken characters...none of which really makes sense. Well, it does, but in a nonsense way. Thereby creating a paradox. Oh, I update every day, and there have been 323 comics since November 9th of 2001.

Okay, I'll shut up now. (runs away)

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Post by Ti-Phil »

My comic is the Volet (at The story is simply what could have happened after Ff6 if it is left with my imagination (and trust me, some of the characters and plot in it are not what you would expect from FF6 from Terra speaking with the narrator to an imperial being strangled by a girl with a scorpion tail). And since it's the new year, the first chapter is finally starting (the part before was the introduction).[/url]
The Volet

What, free publicity never harmed anyone..right?

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The Fiddly Army needs new recruits.

Post by Laxmastro »

Our comic is called Fiddly Bits. It presents the life of one ordinary fellow named Fenn, who, with a little help from his friends, tackles the hassles of working as pizza delivery driver, as well as just hanging out and cutting up. It has been likened to Seinfeld in the sense that there is nothing special that happens to our characters. Most of the stories are taken from real experiences, and the characters are based on real people that we know.

Right now, we are working on getting back to updating twice a week, but until then there is a large archive of comics by which you can familiarize yourself with the characters.

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Post by Tasslehoff »

Well, my comic's name is EvolBara and I have been drawing it for more than a year now. The plot follows a brave, yet sometimes gullible, elf who has had a mission to save his elven tribe thrust on him by his elder and master. In his travels so far, he has come across many dangers as well as friends. A mage and an unsuccesful thief have joined him so far and at the current time, the main villians have just grouped and are about to start THEIR quest. The future of EvolBara will include lots of new characters (some good, most bad) and a plethra of different adventures for our heroes.

EvolBara updates every Mon, Wed, Fri at the moment. And I plan on having an added bonus comic drawn by a close friend to update on Saturdays. Also, feel free to visit the store and purchase EvolBara merchandise in which I get NO profit. :O([/url]

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Post by ZOMBIE USER 8978 »

My comics name is Darksneakers, and its a little more than two years old. It's fully colored, some strips even by hand.
It's about college life in the year 2078 (79 now, I think) with our guides Calvin the mutant, Alex his left-handless friend (he has a roboarm now), Woz and Yule the RAs, and Rex the deposed-by-his-own-hands nerd emporer and his servant, Luke. We frequently pay homage to other comics/old movies and books. Oh yeah, and Calvin plays an as of yet unknown part in a conspiracy to destroy the world.... which involves Sneakers, yes.

It updates daily, but I usually don't get around to updating on time (more like 2 hours later), and I've been sick, and the updater isn't liking me.


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Post by Haru to Ashura »

Woah, free advertising! What fun!

Alrighty then, my comic is called (take a breath) 'Shine Get Dumplings Go-Go Tower!' Yes, the title does pertain to the story...or...will. It's located here: . It's about 4 college students, Mike, Mei, Saiai, and Jo, who have to put up with life...but more so, they just have to manage to put up with each other. Mei - the girl brave enough to live with 3 guys, Saiai - the man more beautiful than the average women, Jo - the normal, neglected one, and Mike - he likes to sleep a lot. On the arrival of two pets and a new computer to the house, these 4 pretty much wander there way into a global crisis of epic porportions! ^_~ Many pretty men to come, J-rock fans.

The comic started mid-November, so it's not that old...and it updates once or twice a week. And hopefully, we'll be getting a new layout soon.
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Re: Self-Promotion Pt.2

Post by Anvil »

1) Comic's name (duh.)
2) URL (Also duh.)
3) A short description of the comic's present, as well as plans for the future.
4) Anything else.

Comic's Name: How Dragons See It

Found at:

A bunch of dragons who live in a beautiful valley who spent their time eating, sleeping, talking, and picking on poor defenseless knights. They talk about life, why things are they way they are and go on trips to other countries as well as tell stories. Right now the comic is down (Archives till up) while I get ready for a new reload this friday to kick off the new year. New layout, new comics, new... well, old characters at least.

Some of the characters:

Moonsong: A young hyperactive dragon with a long flowing mane, twin horns and a fear of firefighters.

Owwie: A chinese exchange student dragon with only a rough hand on the english language and likes to cook and meditate.

Sir Lance: A fearless knight, a hero determined to end the dragons' fearsome rampages across the countryside.

Shadowen: The oldest dragon, he's HUGE. And wise, and conservative. Doesn't take no crud from any knight either.

Anvi: A baby dragon still innocent to the dark side of human (And dragon) nature.
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Post by Pascalle draws Zap! »

does anyone even read these??

Heeeeeeeeeeey, Evolbara's on here. I miss Evolbara...

Anywho, Comic is Zap! it's the adventures of a psychic named Zap who can't remember anything about his past and finds himself chosen by the spaceship Excelsior as her new captain after he stows away in the cargo bay in an attempt to avoid being captured by the G.E.F. Zap attempts to woo his first mate, the quick tempered Reona Lighstar while dodging her giant "body guard" the ship's mechanic, and put up with a sassy navigation droid named Robot. Zap must unlock the secrets of his past and learn to control his psychic abilities if he and the crew of the Excelsior are going to be able to complete their mission and overthrow the evil forces of the G.E.F...

The comic is in full color and updates twice a week. Check it out by clicking on my sig or by going to

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Post by Blazeblast T Arasoi »

Alright. The comic is Tourniquet at

It's hand-drawn and colored and updated every Friday. It takes place in the year 152 U.D., and the world is suddenly dying. Humans are basically freaking out and killing each other and reverting back in government and civilization by centuries, and new creatures are being bred from the earth and appearing as monsters called "Mystickals". It features a human female named Blazeblast Arasoi who has the power of fire, and her white-wolf, english-speaking companion, Glacier, who posesses the power of ice. They are trying to find a way to save their planet. Very Final Fantasy-esque. The first arc ended December 29th, 2003 and the second arc will begin January 23rd, 2004. There is a small short in between those two dates. =)

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Post by Brockway »

My comic is called Swords are Cool at

Its been out for 7 months, but it has progressed like a snail.
Current story: Prologue bad guy is doing community service since jails or the death penalty doesn't exist there. To make sure he doesn't make a run for it, they implanted a bomb in his nuts... its a pretty big bomb, so it didn't matter where they put it, so I guess its sorta a psychological thing.
Coming soon:
Time travel, parallel stories being told across temporal plains amidst a distabalizing timeline, causality violations, a big ass war, a little tournament, a sweet motorcycle, lesbians (well, depends how good I progress by then in my drawing skills whether I am able to just imply or show anything), churches, and a punch line years in the making.... just not this year.

Of course this is all out of order, and contingent on a number of other factors. It is a damn good story if I can pull it off... Maybe I should write it out in novel format also...
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Post by Jedster »

Name - Life, the Universe and Everything


Description - Currently working through the first chapter of the new era for the comic. The retelling of the birth and death of Christ, great evil is coming, the new messiah (modern day gothic-punk bisexual called Saffron) has to save the universe with the aid of the established characters from the old style comic. I'm not a religious man in the slightest, so there won't exactly be any "God is good, God is kind, God is God" stuff you might expect from someone who does actually believe in such a thing. Like most things, God is being used for my benefit... deal. The future holds this, more, and fun galore (pardon the rhyme!).

Other stuff - If you're sensitive to any form of blasphomy, or mickey taking out of your religious beliefs, turn back now... and don' y'feel like such a whore advertising in this way?

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Post by Orion »

My comic is called Beyond Reality. The plot involves us both being sent into another dimension, through the unknown magical abilities of the main character Orion. He and his sister (loosely based off of me and my sister) have to find some way to get back home, traveling through many, many other dimensions along the way, sometimes fighting monsters, human(iods)s and weird alternate universe versions of themselves. Also making friends with monsters, human(iod)s, and weird alternate universe versions of themselves. Don't want to give away a huge amount of the future plot but it will have many different genres thrown together but mostly scifi or fantasy.
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Post by TheBladeRoden2 »

1) Risen


3) Story so far: 5 college kids representing different groups from my college (the frat boys, the D&D nerds, the attention-whore foreign students, the hair metal freaks, and the prude feminist bookworms) are waiting for the author (that's me) to finally start working on the real plotline to his comic instead of posting lame filler material once every month.

4) Plans for the future: The main story of Risen takes place in an alternative history future where dusk is setting on mankind. One guy is thrown into the middle into the middle of it after waking from a cyrogenic state. He has no idea why he was woken up or what his purpose is but all the warring factions seem to know and are putting in their best men to either acquire a valuable tool for their agenda or eliminate a dangerous threat.
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Lead Salad Webcomic

Post by TBone »

Lead Salad

It's a shiny new webcomic with a style similar to that of a comic book.

Lead Salad consumes more than its fair share of bullets.

The lead character is Monica Furious. And, uh... She's hot.

Why Not Comics
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Post by Why Not Comics »

Well, I guess I'd better shamelessly self promote.

The comics is called Why Not? since I started it as a whim.
it can be found at
The comic starts out as the adventure of Guy Average and a floating eye. It started as a strip for the UT student newspaper, so has it's share of college jokes. Actual storylines are begining to form, and it may turn into an epic comic. There are now five main characters (the eye not being one of them) and a sixth will show up in the next month or so.

Updates are Mon-Fri, and have, for the past three weeks or so, been in full color.

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Post by Jim North »

Role of the Die
It's about six semi-archetypal RPG players (that would be like Dungeons & Dragons, not Final Fantasy) and their zany madcap adventures. There's Jim the explosive downtrodden sarcastic GM, Jammer the cool laid back frosty player, Kat the extremely dangerous token female player, Rabid the ultimate powergamer and resident pseudo Satan worshipper, Dave the non-gamer who only plays 'cause his friends do, and Mouse the guy who sits there and says nothing.

I seem to be taking a slight departure from the standard RPG-based webcomic in that the characters are only very rarely depicted as being in the game itself, instead concentrating on them as they really are . . . sitting around a big table trying not to drop soda on their character sheets. I stand by my decision to show them like this, partially because it's easier for me to draw and partially because my comic is more about how the players interact with each other than the characters they play.

Right at the moment, only a few weird things have happened (like Jim's head exploding . . . he got better, of course), but I hope to take things into a much further level of insanity with things like possessed rule books, visits from the dark lord, dice fairies, and so on.

The Exile
This is actually a collaborative effort that I'm taking part in along with my fellow members of Exile Comics. It's a science-fiction tale about . . . well, we're still working that bit out right at the moment. For now, it's about a clone who's working on defeating the fellah that made him. It's a bit more complicated than that, but since this is sort of a pass-along comic, the big picture isn't quite clear just yet.

We hope to eventually have it all better put together, of course, and we seem to be getting on that way. The past few comics have been much more coherent than the first few and a real storyline of sorts is beginning to form. So yay for our side!
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Post by Ciceronecomic »


It's a fantasty stroy. I'm almost at 20 pages now, but as the story picks up so does my inerest in drawing.

Four people stumble into each other in a forest. Sari is a young girl who is a high ranking theif in the Thieves Guild (though it's a mystery why she's so important in the guild, as she's a complete klutz and totally useless), Aleidar is an outcast elf who, like Sari, is searching for "The Guiding Hand", supposedly some anceint relic that guides the one who holds it to all ancient relics. Both hope to prove themselves worthy to their comrades. And there there is Anara and Kai. Anara is a full fledged wizard with a strange past triaining eight year old Kai to be a wizard, at the moment they are travelling the continent to finish his three tasks to gain his offical apprenticeship before they can return to the wizard city to take his test.

All right. I guess I'll spoil a bit of the plot here.

In page 2 (I know I need to redraw that one) you can see a tattoo on Sari's back. That's important because according to law, only elves and wizards can have tattoos since they hold magical power and are status symbols. Why, then, does an orphen girl from the South have such a large tattoo, and what does it do? Hmm...

And this Guiding Hand thing, Aliedar uses a brooch he stole from the elves to track it to Anara's possesion. But how could she carry it, being a wizard under the watchful eye of the twisted Wizard Queen? Hmm...

And who is this mysterious (and quite good looking) guy that is following Sari, anyways?

Read on and discover how Kai, a Northern Price and Sari, a Southern commoner learn to get past the feud of their countries, how Aleidar comes to believe that the elves' biggiotry towards humans is unfounded, and how Anara will manage to use this rag-tag team of adventurers to expose the lies and amazing plots of the wizard council to bring destruction down on the land for a second time!

Do I sound like a commerical? Ha, oh well.


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My comic

Post by Jay042 »

Breaking the Surface

It's an ongoing fantasy story about a group of merfolk. The main character is Jeran, the second son of the merfolk lord who is uncertain about his future. I'm updating weekly, up to 14 pages so far

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Post by Pimpette »

Comic's Name: Pimpette


The adventures of a female pimp and her "ho's," which include a Russian midget, a leprechaun, and a very tall and selfconscious frog.
The comic began in September 2003 and updates every Monday.

Anything Else:
Don't take it seriously. It's all in fun. :D