First Fan Post on Mythocorp!

Postby Zubkavich on Tue Nov 20, 2001 7:29 am

Hi Kevin,<P>Just wanted to stop by and christen your message board with a greeting post.<P>I hope your forum adds to your site and gives people a place to give you feedback on your work. The Makeshift Miracle forum has given me a place to blather (too much perhaps) and it's kind of fun getting opinions and spreading a little madness around.<P>Your site's had some sweet strips that have made me chuckle and it's nice seeing some sharp wit from a newer web comic.<P>Here's hoping meteorites don't crash into your head to make you stop Mythocorp! I'm still trying to keep ahead on my own pages, but if I can get my buffer back to where it was, I'll try to wing you a piece of fan art.<P>------------------
Jim Zubkavich
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Postby Kevin Wolf on Wed Nov 21, 2001 12:08 pm

Thanks, Jim.<P>You are a uniquely kind and generous man. Now that you've paved the way, I'm certain the posts will start pouring in.<P>I've given thought to piece of fan "art" for you as well, but I shudder at the notion of applying my hit-or-miss graphic style to your characters.<P><P>------------------
Kevin Wolf
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