Updated Fan Art! Yay!

Postby Jaimiel on Wed Oct 24, 2001 4:21 am

Mine ain't showing though. Boo-hoo.<P>And, hey, my screenname is incredibly bitchy to spell, ain't it? Feel free to call me Jessica. Okay? Okay. Make it easier on ya, Josh.<P>And you know what? <a href="http://dmd.coolfreepages.com/boomblunt.html">You were completely right about the image of said blunt you drew from.</a> Look at that thing. It's scary.<P>And I like Josh Lesnick's picture. Indeedy I do.<P>--Jessica
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Postby Republican Liberal on Wed Oct 24, 2001 4:36 am

This makes my "mini me" stand tall
<A HREF="http://www.joshbabes.com/fanart/drunk-lana.gif" TARGET=_blank>http://www.joshbabes.com/fanart/drunk-lana.gif</A>
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Postby MajkenG on Wed Oct 24, 2001 11:43 am

Wow, you've got quite a collection going there, Josh. Nice. Very nice.<P>People love you and your comic. =D It's nice to see people showing appreciation for their fellow artist.<P>------------------
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