For fan discussion of what's happening in Galacticus, as well as a place to post fanworks.
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Post by Galacticus »

I just realized, we need a thread where people can just drop in and say hi :3. like a roll-call, y'know? ...a little late for some people, i know... ^^;

anyways, feel free to drop in and introduce yourself here. :D

( sorry, but long conversations elsewhere, guys ^^; ...which means i will - and surprisingly, have had to on multiple occasions - delete second posts. :P )
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Post by Croccy »

Kay... ;P

I'm Croccy, aka Ellie (Elizabeth or Elliot, your choice, s'not my name anyway XD). I like Flakecest, birthday cake, and Invader ZIM above all else. Organized religion is icky and yaoi is yum, especially the Galacticus sort.

And Oregon is the most awesomest of the United States. Yes. You know it to be true.

Hello all!

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Post by Andyouthinkimcrazy »


^_^ I'm Andyouthinkimcrazy, but since that's long you can call me Aytic or Crazy instead... <.<>.> My real name is Lisa, but I hate it. >:O >.> Oh yeah, and I'm eighteen years old...

I absolutely love to write yaoi/shounen-ai (writing=my life) and I usually write Yugioh! (RyouxYami Marik is my fave, but I've written mostly RyouxYami Bakura)*_* but now my life has been consumed by Flakecest... ^_^ O_o; It's amazing how that pairing moved to the top of my list so fast...

Pst, I live in Canada and I hate it here... T_T winter sucks.
>:D Fear my awesome yaoi authoress powers!!! >:D ... aww crap... XO Damn you writer's block! T_T

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Post by Tenkyougan »


I'm Tenkyougan/Gabriel, I'm 13.

I'm very much obsessed with yaoi/shounen-ai/shota/slash. I like spicy stuff and chocolate. I hate sweden.

I'm Archpriest of the Cult of Appacumizathfu, the Patron God of Yaoi.
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Post by Yaoitsumo »

I be Yaoitsumo, I'm 16.
I was the first person to ever post at this forum (besides the mods), and my favorite pairing is Flakecest. I am part of no cult that will sacrafice Hamsters, and thus I worship Yaoi as a more powerful and seperate slash/canon Demoness.
My yaoi couple of choice outside the forum is Kurofai, which I adore, and which should not be slandered in any way lest you all face my wrath.
I draw fanart and write fanfiction of a beautiful kind, so you all better suck up to me (Only joking). xD It will appear on here every once in a while.
I write comics of my own.
... and lastly... Jake. Is. Awesome.
You are dismissed. XDDD
._-_.!! Hardcore Flakecest fan !!._-_.
(...That's right, fear me)

& Everyone is Jake's bitch, because he's awesome. &hearts;

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Post by Axlish »


Hi everyone! I'm Axl. You may call me Axl. Or whatever the heck you want to call me. o.O Just nothing insulting.

I am seventeen years old, and sane. Trust me on that one. I like to write original shounen-ai. And shoujo-ai. And het. Anything fluffy works for me, as long as main characters are NOT MARY SUES!!

<_<; I am obviously anti-mary sue.


I love uke characters. ^.^ Powah to the uke characters!

@Tenkyougan: Just 13 and you already like shota? Like... explicit shota? o.o;
"I'm not annoying. You're just boring."

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Post by Kaku »

Hey there!

I'm Kaku, and I actually just discovered the wonders of shonen-ai! ^^

I'm 19 and I like to write, but I'm really bad at fan things and such, I really don't know why. O_O

I also like to draw bad chibi things of comics I like. ^_^

I'm fond of cows, books, - *is muffled*

Anyhow, I'm a friendly type. =3
I have more radishes than you'll ever have pancakes!


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Post by Kaze »

'Lo! I'm Kaze. Short for Akikaze. ^^

It's odd how, I started reading this comic a long time ago, and never finished...then came back.... and read it again...never finished...and on my third try; it became my favorite webcomic the teh whole wide world.


>.> If you saw Kura post her Trey art, I am the one who made her read Galacticus. So through that whole if a = b and b = c therefore a =c thing... I am responsible for that piece of art. XDDDDDD

Anywho. My favorite pairing? Flakecest, of course! X3 Trey is my favorite character. That Christmas picture made me drool. Although I believed that Jake should have been the one unwrapping him.

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Post by Kura »

'ello. I'm Kura. And a bit late adding myself to this list...

I do lots of my own drawing and writing and have way too many characters and way too few plots floating around inside my head. And love my own characters quite obsessively... Though I sometimes do fanstuffs, as you may have noticed.

As with pretty much everyone else here, I like yaoi/shounenai/etc. quite a bit. And, um... shiny things and cats and catboys... and ancient Greece. And ranting. And lots of things I can't remember currently.

Flakecest is nice.

I live in the US.

And I think that's about it.

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Post by Koji02 »

hi, i'm Koji!
I'm a crazy girl living in California and I love to write and draw and I have two comics on Drunkduck.com: The Brotherhood and ZooManga.
I love Flakecest and demand that more be put into the comic. If not, I will draw some myself. :x
or not... i'm terribly lazy and I might never get around to drawing anything :(
what is art without the fever of slight madness?

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Post by Lilly »

I'm Lilly...
I'm a u.s. Resident Pa.stationed.
I like flakecest yaoi-yuri tentacles monsters shota..n.n;
Anything smex realated XD
I'm a Pervert.
I like randomely groping people and
running before they can inflict bodily harm...
I like streaking and pushing people I hate downstairs..o.o;
I have ADHD
But I'm Perfectly Normal...
I swear..
*Cough yeah right cough*...
O_O*Gets Dragged away by Men inwhite coats* What I wasn't going to molest any one!! Honest Docters!!!

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Post by Kaeven »


I'm Kaeven *points to lil username thingy*..I've lots of nicknames, pseudonames, and sns..but I think Kae will do heh.

I'm fourteen, lover of yaoi, yuri, and less than 'conventional' type relationships..I also happen to have an obsession with webcomics..and read over twenty of them every day ^.^'

Oh..and I live in the U.S.

>.> erm..yeah.
*hums randomly*
...and on the eighth day God sobered up.

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Post by Maddy »

Ee. I'm Maddy. My best friend calls me Susie, but we'll not get into that. I'm pretty socially inept, but I like pretty things. And yaoi. Though, thinking about it, those are usually interconnected. :3

I'm addicted to webcomics. o__<
But this is probably my favorite. <3
I'm not sure if I'm into flakecest or not yet, though.
...I could probably be convinced.
I'm Cal I Four Niy An. Fifth generation backwoods country farm hick, but it keeps things interesting.

And I draw a lot. You've all been warned now.
...You could flee, but why bother? I have cookies and insane painter skills. >D

...And also a thing for typing larger than anyone else. Sorry about that. I'm trying to get over it, really.

Although that's going about as well as the time I tried to give up yaoi for lent. Doesn't help much that I'm not catholic, eh?

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Post by Drfranknfurter »

:lol: Yeah, hi- I'm DrFranknfurter, but you can call me Anna. I'm 14 (Rockin') and I like drawing n' stuff. I like Luke best... he's just so cuddly XD I' try to do Galacticus fanart but... it goes all wrong. So... Yep.
I'm not this stupid any more.

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Post by Jerrit »


i'm, uh, fairly new? i've been reading for a few months but i only just noticed that there's a forum.

i'm male! And 20. i note that i'm male because it's come to my attention that most yaoi fans are female. So, uh... i'm male? Bisexual. i'm a writer.

i write the webcomic "Sushi Database" (http://www.sushidatabase.com), which hasn't updated in months because i don't have an artist anymore. Now i'm just a writer. And them's the breaks. You should read it anyway, though. i'm a pretty good writer. i write jokes for nerds.

i read literally hundreds of webcomics. Seriously. They dominate my life. You name it, i've probably read it. At the least, i've probably heard of it.

My "i"s are all lowercase because my laptop keyboard doesn't have an i key. it got damaged and removed. i type "i"s by copy-pasting them, so for convenience's sake they're all lowercase. There you go.

My favorite character is Luke! Luke and Scott. No attraction to Scott, but he's awesome. Because he's Scott.

That's all, i think? Hmm. My favorite drink is Tattoo rum mixed with Doctor Pepper. it's called a Sirius Black, and you can't even taste the booze. it is excellent.

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Post by Jay chao »

time for my to introduce myself (after like, weeks after lurking around)!

so, uhm, my name's jay, i'm 15 years old, asian, female, and live in the good ol' obesity-ridden USofA. :] some of you may have seen me on the oekaki board before, and if you have, you'll know who my favorite galacticus character is -- jake! <3 even though he's a bully. =P

hmmm, what else is there to say...? hahaha, i'm rather uninteresting, so not much. xP

that's about it, really. :]

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Post by Kirs10 »

14, almost 15. Gal. Straight.
I am the best friend of Gemma, THE CREATOR.
I just signed up for this forum, I'm surprised I hadn't sooner.
I am actually not an anime fan of any sort
(except for Galacticus of course).
My favourite character is Jason.
I like techno-industrial which is a sort of
techno mixed with hardcore metal.
I like art and webdesign.
Image ImageImage

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Post by Anty »

Name's Elizabeth, but you can all call me whatever you want X3 I like to read, I LOVE drawing, and occasionally I write stuff - but I suck at it xD I love all things BL/GL. My favorite Galacticus character would have to be Jake - because I love possessive bullies (and JakexJason is my otp <3)
My least favorite character is Fred because, well she irks me xD

Oh, and I'm Australian. Hiya everyone! ^_^

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