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Welcome and Rules

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Welcome everyone to AntiBunny the message board. Here you'll be able to discuss the weekly comics past and present, any other thoughts about the comic or just get together and talk amongst yourselves.

The rules are simple and not too restricting.
Keep it clean.

1. Watch your launguage. AntiBunny may be dark in theme but I've tried my best to keep the rating down to a PG. Keep your language in that range as well. If you feel the need to use expletives, I would recomend you use the phrase "Friggin' Jackhole."

2. No links to pornographic or hate sites. Comics with a higher rating than AntiBunny are acceptable though but if they're adult comics pleasepost a warning. Just use common sense.

3. No flaming or racist statements.

Feel free to do the following sometimes considered faux pas in other message boards. I'll let you get away with it here.

1. Bump old topics. Got something new to add to an old conversation? Then do so. It's always good to get a new perspective on things.

2. Plug your comic. If you think the readers of AntiBunny are the kind of people who would like your comic then let them know. But only plug it once please.

3. Go off topic. Mabey you don't want to talk about AntiBunny but want to talk to the fans of AntiBunny. Knock yourself out. Just don't flood the board with off topic threads okay?

That said, frollic about, play, and have fun.

Your mod, artist, and overlord:
Vinnie D.

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