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For fan discussion of what's happening in Galacticus, as well as a place to post fanworks.
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Personal Art

Post by Tenkyougan »

For those of us not-GalacticusAuthors who draw alot,
let us shamelessly advertise our skills!

Also, visit my DeviantArt Account of the same name as this.
Steel Nation GestapoBattle1.jpg
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Ifrit - Lone.jpg
Ifrit - Lone.jpg (75.54 KiB) Viewed 1956 times
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Post by Andyouthinkimcrazy »

^_^ Those are nice, Tenkyougan!


This is Saiyo! MY BABY! <3 I loves him so much! Yes! *glomp, tackle, molest* This picture was actually way more naked... but I fail.


This is Tiko! XD He's the older brother of my little Saiyo. <3 ^_^ He likes to hit on everyone! (Yep... XD The incest too! <3 ha ha)

I have other drawings, but the Crazy is lazy.
>:D Fear my awesome yaoi authoress powers!!! >:D ... aww crap... XO Damn you writer's block! T_T

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