[INFO] Registerfly customers moved to Godaddy.

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[INFO] Registerfly customers moved to Godaddy.

Postby STrRedWolf on Wed May 30, 2007 5:04 am

CG has learned that Registerfly has lost it's ICANN accreditation, which means it is no longer a registar of domains. It has been ordered by the courts to turn over all DNS information and post on it's home page that it has lost the accreditation. This is due to a hard scandal behind the scenes of Registerfly and the outcry that has made ICANN take unusual action.

Registerfly has not yet complied with the notification part of the court order, and faces a $5,000/day fine if they don't get it up by Friday. However, their customer service team is assisting everyone wanting to move out.

It may be moot, though: If you're a customer with RegisterFly, your registration has been moved under ICANN's guidence to GoDaddy. You will be contacted by GoDaddy with information about the move.

More details:

ICANN Blog: http://blog.icann.org/
GoDaddy Welcome Registerfly Customers: http://www.godaddy.com/welcomeregisterfly

On a personal, related note, if you are one of those moving to GoDaddy, you will be happy to have landed in a reliable registar. I have my webcomic's domain with GoDaddy, and only had to call them once about their DNS offerings. They have very good customer service if you ever need it -- most of the time, you won't. You cannot go wrong.
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