Why does my forum name(or siteadmin) keep getting deleted?

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Why does my forum name(or siteadmin) keep getting deleted?

Postby Kisai on Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:07 pm

I have changed the signup logic somewhat to try and make spammers easier to identify. But I'll say this. If you create a new username on the forum to use with siteadmin. MAKE A POST. There is no way I can tell a spammer from a nonspammer unless there are significantly more posts than the spammers. Most of the spammers get nuked before they post 3 messages, most only post one. However there are literately hundreds that don't get past the signup phase and have no posts at all. IF there are no posts when I do spam cleanup, your account will disappear. This will NOT delete the comicgenesis comic account.

The rules for the comicgenesis deletion are less than 3 comics and not updating in 90 days. This turns it into an abandoned comic and it will disappear.

Basically it's the same logic that I'm now applying to the forums, manually. I do want to emphasis that I've changed the signup for the forums just slightly to make it easier to identify spammers, however nothing is perfect.
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