He's got a new job now... (STrRedWolf note of lateness)

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He's got a new job now... (STrRedWolf note of lateness)

Postby STrRedWolf on Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:54 pm

Well, if it couldn't get any worse...

I've accepted a 1 year contract job with the Maryland Mass Transit Administration, mucking around with computers. This may become perament as time goes on, though. However, main thing is, it's a full time job.

So I may not be as responsive to emails and PM's, as well as some projects I'm pushing through. I may not get to you ASAP. Please bare with me, I'm only human(oid), and I have to step back and rework how I can be in five places at once.

This isn't the end. I'll still be around for you to complain about and kick around, then ask me to put your domain in or check your account after the mods ring me to look at the thread. I'll probably put up an auto-responder to my CG admin account, send out a quick FAQ to folks.
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Postby Oualawouzou on Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:48 pm

We'll have to buy longer poking sticks to reach you at your new place. :(

Still, congrats on the job, and I hope you won't be driven crazy by the workload.
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