The law of the land, and other such things.

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The law of the land, and other such things.

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Welcome to this forum. Not too many rules here, but use common sense. But life has taught me that many people don't have common sense though, so I'll just say a few things:

no flaming: Self-explanatory. Any trolling and/or flaming will be dealt with under the scrutinous eye of your friendly neighborhood overlords, theSuburbanLetdown (myself) and Yeahduff (the harbinger of your doom). Listen to what we say, because we have the power to delete and edit things. *makes spooky hand gesture*

no porn: I want to keep this a place where people can browse the forum without the fear of seeing boobs and rod or other things of that nature. Anything you're not sure of, just put a warning that says "NSFW" which stands for "Not Safe for Work." And link it, don't use the image tags. This is standard protocol for Comic Genesis (formerly Keenspace) forums in general.

ignore the man behind the curtain: He's probably doing what you think he's doing, so it'd be in you best interest to leave him alone. Unless you like that kind of thing, I dunno.

peppermint is dead: Anyone refering to me as PAL will have their posts edited to my liking because I am a wicked and petty man.