Let's Get This Party Started

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Let's Get This Party Started

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A forum, a official forum!! for a comic that will soon be moving on to other pastures.

but anyway, here's where i shall tell people stuff about me and update you on my new comic, and give you sneak glimpses into the next generation

"but why did you abandon BeachNinja?" i hear you ask

well the reason is this, i wanted a comic that could comment/review all computer games, sure this was what i was doing in BeachNinja, but does beachninja really grab you as a title that says "hey we love games!!" now to me it sounds like something a four year old would draw, cool idea to start with (i still remember the flip flops of doom, an idea that was never translated into comic form) but it's not going anywhere, i apologise to all the people that have supported me through this, if nothing else at least my art has come along in leaps and bounds.

keep your eyes peeled for the future of home entertainment, and post the hell away on this message board!!
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