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FORUM FAQ: Question about the 'Space forums? Look here!

Postby STrRedWolf on Fri Jun 24, 2005 3:31 pm

Or "Blame Kisai for these problems here" :)

* I can't post! It gives me this "attachment" like error!!!

Switch themes. Some don't work with the file attachment patch.

* I want to register with my address!

There are no email addresses. Seriously. Only admins get them. No comic artist has one. That domain's been banned.

Also,,, and a few others have also been blanket banned.

* I'm not getting topic replies!!!

Check your email to see if it still exists. I get all the bounces.

* GAH! All these topic reply spams! Make it stop!!!

NEVER EVER mark a topic reply notice as spam. The URL to stop them is on the emails themselves, and points directly to the forums. (If you're that paranoid, you can contact me over it and I'll show you how to verify where it came from.)

There is a profile setting which makes the default on replies "Don't Email!"

A warning: If we get a reply of you constantly marking a topic reply notice as spam, we will "unsubscribe" you by removing your forum account.
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