hey everyone, I just saw AUDITION...

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hey everyone, I just saw AUDITION...

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You know, the Takashi Miike film? The one about the widowed television producer who decides to start dating a strange, pretty girl who comes in for a movie audition. And how was it, might you ask? Let me put it this way...

My buddy Mike and I were so disturbed that we had to take two breaks during the film's utterly horrifying climax, the first of which we were downing caffeine and wishing we had picked up copious amounts of alcohol before watching this movie, and the second of which made us clamor for the power off button for the screen and turn on all the lights in the apartment. Afterwards, we had no other choice but to watch another film to cleanse ourselves... that film being one of my favorites, July Rhapsody, a bittersweet drama that's in the far left field of Audition's TRULY DISTURBING PSYCHOLOGICAL CHARACTER STUDY that has now made me SWEAR OFF DATING OF ANY KIND FOR THE NEXT YEAR OR FIVE.

Anyone see this movie? Or any other Miike film for that matter? Or are we being pansies?