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hope I'm doing this right...

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Age: general appearance of 20 years old. actual age unknown
Gender: Male
Race: advanced Trimorph - wulf, raven, human(ish)
Height: wulf - 7'2", raven - 4'6", human - 6'3"
Weight: wulf - 290, raven - 95, human - 210
Build: wulf - muscular, fighter/grappling, raven: standard, human - slightly muscular, generally athletic
Fur Color: ranges from medium blond to dark brown, with traces of red
Feather Color: raven black with orange undertones (can only be viewed from certain angles)
Skin Color: average white skintone
Eye Color: silver, but can change to any color, save pure yellow.
Clothing: basic 'techno' style pants, made of pvc, leather, full vinyl, denim, etc. Before they came in style, he could only wear sweatpants, due to the size change in his transformations
Accessories: backpack filled with random tools, weapons, magical tomes, various pieces of vellum, and a seemingly endless supply of seemingly useless objects. ;) Also carries two swords (pictures when I'm able to scan and upload them)
Specials/talents: Wulfsbane is a fighter to the core. Strong body, vicious temperament, and a knack for removing body organs, his regenerative abilities makes him a very formidable foe.

Raevyn is a mage of great power, but scarce renown - the best combination. The extent of his talents is unknown, even to him. Traditionally, he acts as a spy, using his second sight to survey the surroundings.

PxZ, Parry, or Zane - whatever you call him, he's the human(ish) third of the creature. His talents lean more toward knife fighting and swordplay, along with having a slight knack for mechanical devices. He posesses the power of clairvoyance in the form of paranoia: if he thinks something bad is going to happen, it will.

What is your ambition?: Generally, he just wants to find out <i>why</i> he is, where there are others of his kind, if there are any others. He knows little about his past, and is always searching to learn more.
He's also striving to improve himself through training. He wanders, seeking one who is more powerful/skilled than him, and proceeds to train underneath them until he surpasses them. Giving his trainer what little he has, he departs in search of another.

due to the fact that this is the third time I've tried to post this, I'll just end it here. I'll probably add more at a later date.

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