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Re: Doujinshi-Ka's Last Inbox

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And there we go!

Sorry about that, boss, I keep forgetting. And yes, in retrospect, it should be hard to forget.
Vampires can be exceedingly charming when they need to be. They will joke, cajole and flatter, and just when you think, "vampires aren't so bad," you've got a pair of fangs buried in your neck.

For those who still insist on treating vampirism as a romantic existence, consider the suicide note left behind by Jacob Drexel, member of a prominent Philadelphia family who was transformed in 1937. After Drexel leaped off the City Hall tower one snowy night, a suicide note was found that closed with the following lines: "I have been living in constant torment over the unspeakable acts I have committed, and yet I am powerless to stop committing them. May God forgive me."

- Dr. Hugo Pecos, FVZA Director Emeritus

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