Logging in problems?

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Logging in problems?

Postby Kage_rod on Sun Sep 04, 2005 7:07 pm

I want to make sure I am logging into my FTP program (LeechFTP) properly.

Host/Url: fangirlsahoy.keenspace.com
User: fangirlsahoy
Password: *******fwee***

(the link to the comic: fangirlsahoy.keenspace.com)

Do you think I'm logging in wrong anyway? o.o; I can't seem to upload anything, and that may be the problem... So, please, help?

Author of "Fangirls Ahoy!" Coming soon!

PS: And, if someone wouldn't mind putting up with me, and answering my questions VIA msn messenger, that'd be -awesome-. Then I won't have to spam this poor forum because I'm so noobish. If you will, it'd be muchos appreciated. My email is fangirlsahoy@hotmail.com. Thankyou. *bows*
Author of "Fangirls Ahoy", which will be up soon. Very soon.
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