Please donate to your alma mater!

Please donate to your alma mater!

Postby Dr. Belch on Thu Dec 02, 2004 9:31 am

Besides myself, Kat, and Ken, are there any other ASU students who frequent the BC forums? Have you recieved your donation envelopes in the mail yet? I just got mine yesterday. And, really. They ask me for money. Me. Some nerve. I am the most hated man in Herald history, condemned to pay eternally for a crime I did not commit. They ruined my life and absolutely won't grant me an interview to promote my books even though I am one of their own and they should be falling all over themselves to get a few precious words from my lips. If I set foot on campus the UPD will arrest me and haul me away. And yet they want me to send them money. Ha! Ha! Ha! Money! If that envelope were big enough I would have taken a crap in it before I sealed and mailed it! Ha! Ha! Ha! :evil:
"All the friends I ever had are gone."--Bob Dylan, "Delia", World Gone Wrong, 1993.
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