A history of #DBZRPG - The Comic

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A history of #DBZRPG - The Comic

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First part has been added.

People who bash and slam this comic tend to forget that it was made for members of the RPG. Those who weren't in the RPG probably wouldn't get the concept. So if you got it, you got it. If not, don't complain and waste your breath whining to me (or to whatever sites you frequent).

By the way, there were four reasons why I stopped the sprite comic:

- First, and foremost, I ran out of ideas.

- Second, I grew out of DBZ.
When I was writing #DBZRPG the comic I was a huge fan of (Japanese) DBZ. [For a weird note: I've never been a fan of the English dub and FUNimation is awful] I eventually grew out of it, and realized how great OTHER animes were.

- Third, another member of #DBZRPG started a very good sprite comic.
There was no reason for me to continue mine when his was extremely well done (all original sprites, very good storyline that was loosely based on my old hand-drawn comics, humour...etc).

- And finally, After four great years, #DBZRPG finally came to a close.
With the members gone their seperate ways there was no reason to go back and update the comic anymore. Also, with the lack of quests this kind of leads back to the first point.

And there you have it. Sort of.