UC Rats Forumstuffs!

UC Rats Forumstuffs!

Postby Woapalanne on Sun Apr 11, 2004 1:15 pm

Well, I THOUGHT there was a topic with the forum rules, but it seems to have vanished...

So, anyway, here's the basic rules guidelines.

1) Respect. No respect, no post. I can block IPs.

2) If you post a topic that doesn't involve the comic, IRC channel, or the message board, make sure you include (OT) in the topic [off topic].

3) Keep profanity to a minimum - the comic is PG-13, the forum shouldn't get much worse. Note that the occassional "fuck" is okay. I may be the pope, but I'm a vulgar pope. ;)

4) Anything marked [Canon] is considered to have happened within the world of the comic, and may or may not be referenced in the comic without warning. Only I can mark something canon, and if you do, I shall be very sad at you, and then send Shadow to torment you.

5) The use of [Fanfic], [Fanart], and [Fanfilk] (song parody) tags are encouraged but not required.

6) If your fanfic or fanart hits an R rating or higher, please make a note of that in the topic. ;) I actually encourage UC Rats smut. I draw a lot myself. Just warn people so they don't have headexplody.

7) If posting about a specific comic, especially the most recent one, try to toss a date in the topic for easy reference and avoidance of spoilers.

8) Have fun! Be silly! Spectulate and whatnot, I don't comment on any spectulation unless there's factual questions ("What colour is Katie's phone?" Navy blue. (Yes, I know that off the top of my head. :cry: ))
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