Archive Plundering: WetBag?

Archive Plundering: WetBag?

Postby Zeth-chan on Sat Apr 03, 2004 7:18 pm

OK...does anyone know what's IN the wetbag?
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Postby Hbomb on Sat Apr 03, 2004 8:14 pm

No one can be told what the Wetbag is. You have to experience it for yourself.... although the rumor is that's where the Joke Baby's dirty diapers go.

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Re: Archive Plundering: WetBag?

Postby MNsane on Sun May 16, 2004 9:04 am

Zeth-chan wrote:OK...does anyone know what's IN the wetbag?

it's a smaller version of what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction
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