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Postby Jedsoon on Tue May 08, 2001 8:39 am

well, i read the rappin jesus episode to try to get a feel for the strip. it purports to be "the biggest waste of time on the net". i dont know about THAT, but it does seem to be aimed hopefully in that direction. seems to have twinges of south park-style lowbrow humor and is fairly crudely drawn. of course, theres nothing wrong with any of this, just sharing my impressions. im positive it will be considered high art one day!! the color stuff looks neat. i thought it was running this week but upon closer inspection it seems the last comic came out 22april. im wondering how often its updated? the story struck a little chord with me cause im always dropping little hip hop references at mp3c or thru my characters mouths as well.
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 157 on Wed May 09, 2001 12:06 am

well, usually i update daily, but my ftp isnt working so well lately, and i havent had a chance to get any new comics up.<P>i know the art sucks. but i like it that way.<P>with lint, i dont usually do a lot of lowbrow humor like that. thats more what <a href=jfiles.keenspace.com>The J Files</a> is for. but as for rappin' jesus... yeah. that storyline i kind of wanted to do a little lowbrow offensive stuff. but actually, in that particular storyline, i had many hidden messages and lessons for todays society. i was speaking out against the rampant commercialism in religion these days, i was speaking out against how eminem uses controversial statements merely to further his own popularity, etc. there's more, but i didnt feel like writing it all. usually if i was going to do stuff like rappin jesus it'd probably be on <a href=http://jfiles.keenspace.com>The J Files</a>, but sometimes i like to do something different with my comics. and yes, dropping hip hop refrences in is always fun, yo.<P>i am very proud of the color comics. im glad so many people have given me good apraisal on them. im hoping to do color more often. <P>thank you for your comments<P>------------------
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