So..... um.......

So..... um.......

Postby Schitsofrantic on Mon Sep 23, 2002 2:16 am

Great site, as I've said before in my emails to you (which always have a prompt personal response. You're good at that). Anyway, I was wondering if you've finally ever settled on an update schedule or if it's still set as "sometime on the weekend". I really wish this forum had a few more members and regular posts. It would be nice to know what everyone who reads the comic likes about the strip, who their favorite characters are... stuff like that.

I personally like the strip because it is so true to reality. I've worked at a Wal-Mart for almost 5 years (I'm trying to get out of it and into a tech support job) and I have literally seen almost everything presented in the strip. I've also seen the stuff in the fast food story line, having worked at Taco Bell for 2 years. My favorite characters are Joe, Chaz, and Zoe, because they all remind me of people I work with and hang out with. [/url]
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Postby PCGuarino on Fri Sep 27, 2002 10:32 pm

My personal favorite is Joe.

Joe was very much like me when I worked at Target Sports, a Detroit area gun store. While I felt a certain loyalty to the store, I had become so disillusioned with the customers at that point that I had stopped really caring about what they wanted or how quickly they were helped. Of course there is always an inherent risk when pissing off clientel who could very possibly be packing. It's the danger that made it fun though. I think thats what all retail needs, the random dispersment of firearms. Anyway, just playing around. Keep up the great work on the site, and I'm glad to hear the play went so well.

"You shot who in the what now"
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Postby DeD CHiKn on Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:15 pm

My favorite would have to be Chaz.
Although im not "skater trash" i am (or was) the laziest person at Sam Goody. (i had made a chair out of boxes ofcd towers for me to sit on, where my boss couldnt see) I would recklessly endanger myself and others with my antics. (there are dents in the wal from my head cashing in to it, no jokes)
i guess one day, a customer gets to you so bad that you just stop caring, at least thats what happened to me.
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