The Relaunch!

The Relaunch!

Postby Stev on Wed Dec 11, 2002 12:45 am

Freshman 15 returns!

I've just posted the first new comic in over a year to It's relaunched with a new concept, new characters and hopefully, a more consistent and better-looking artistic style.

Freshman 15 is a college relationship melodrama inspired by "The WB"; shonen/shoujo manga such as "Boys Be," "Kimagure Orange Road" and "Maison Ikkoku"; and my own experiences.

I'm trying hard to veer away from a "quasi-anime" style and toward something more my own.

Comments about the first page are appreciated!
-Steve Horton
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Postby Netrek on Wed Jan 22, 2003 9:12 am

Yay! Go for it, Steve!


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