What brought you here?

What brought you here?

Postby Dark Artist on Sat Jan 11, 2003 10:02 am

I am getting ready to start really advertising this comic. I think I am ready to start getting more readers and input from the readers I already have. I have set myself a 2003 goal of 500 readers a day. :o

So to help me plan out how to best advertise I have a few questions.

How did you first hear of Red Lexi?
What first brought you to this comic?
What keeps you coming back to read more?
What don't you like about the comic?
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Postby Tybalts kinda guy! on Sat Jan 11, 2003 5:50 pm

1: First heard about it through...you, on the Boy meets boy forum.

2: The promise of Long haired sexy boys.

3: Elves!!! Definately the Elves.

4: The fact that we don't know if Lexi is gonna live. Afterall the whole comic so far has been his visions at the time of near death. I would like to know that he lives and sorts out his dad. But We will in time.
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PR blitz

Postby The Zackster on Wed Jan 15, 2003 8:56 am

Well, DA, I think you know a lot of the reasons why I come here--mostly a severe addiction. Could the relentless nagging and begging and crawling on my hands and knees for updates, and the beaming and giggling (Oh wait, I do /not/ giggle) when an update does happen, be good clues to that? *chuckle*

But still, I'll spell it out, and hopefully make enough of a fool of myself that other people will laugh and have to respond as well. :lol:

I heard about Red Lexi straight from the horse's mouth--not that Lexi himself is a horse, but he's got that noble spirit ... and sometimes thick skull. *ahem* And I had to come, after hearing about the plans. Not out of duty for a friend, but because...well... you're a dang good artist, and getting better every day!! Not to mention, I am hooked on the plot. You might have based one of the chars on my Zack...but it still doesn't mean I know exactly what's going to happen. I like that a lot--that sense of surprise and discovery, and the pretty people, and it's like coming home. :wink:

I suppose the hardest part of the comic for me to take is that it's not in print (and thus I can't sprawl on the sunny grass outside when it's warm and just be a lazy bum). Ever think of offering 'doujinshi' style prints of it, with artwork that's not available on the website to make it really nice? And prints of the chars as well. I know I'd buy 'em. The electronic format isn't my favorite (I am /not/ a Luddite! really) but it /does/ make it possible for the rest of the world to actually enjoy it, so I won't complain. However... waiting for the next update.... *grumble* *wry grin*

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Postby RavynWyntrWolfe on Fri Jan 17, 2003 6:42 pm

How did you first hear of Red Lexi?
Well, I was wandering through Mixed Myth when a banner for Red Lexi popped up and it looked rather tasty.

What first brought you to this comic?
Curiosity? Yes, that must have been it.

What keeps you coming back to read more?
The quality of plot, art and.. the tasty bishies.. *licks her lips* And they all look so bloody cute together, especially WhiteRaven & Tan *sniffle* They're so sweet...

What don't you like about the comic?
Erm.... *thinks* ouch.. ano... can't think of a damn thing that I don't like

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Postby WinterBear on Sun Jan 19, 2003 9:00 am

Anonymous wrote:How did you first hear of Red Lexi? What first brought you to this comic?

A friend of mine emailed me the link even though he knows I'm hopelessly straight :lol: Anyways, I keep a giant millipede and my friend said "Kellington would probably borrow it." We got into a discussion on who Kellington was........And I wound up here.

What keeps you coming back to read more?

Very nicely drawn. Evocative landscapes, attention to detail, and a good story. The characters are multi-dimensional and well thought out, even the bit-players have been drawn with attention to details--their expressions, their clothing, and so on. It's not just nice to look at, however. The storyline is very intruiging and complex. Not the typical swordfighter/magician/quest type story. Although, I do wonder who your influences are...You don't happen to read Mercedes Lackey, do you ?? :wink:

What don't you like about the comic?

Hmm...I could wish for a few more fully colored drawings (on special real-life occasions or a major story event). Otherwise, I have little to dislike.

Sorry, this was me. Didn't realize I hadn't signed in. :oops:
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Postby Shamdu104 on Mon Jan 20, 2003 4:58 am

How did you first hear of Red Lexi?
Saw it in the fantasy banner exchange. :P

What first brought you to this comic?
Curiosity, I think. I often click on banners in the fantasy exchange.

What keeps you coming back to read more?
Well, when I first came I started reading and it got me interested ^-^ I like the plot, I like the characters, the art is good, and I love prettyboys. XDDDD now it's one of the comics I usually check.

What don't you like about the comic?
Hmm.... The poses and proportions are kinda off, try to focus on them a bit more.
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