Connect yourself!

Connect yourself!

Postby Kalmazoo702 on Sun Dec 08, 2002 7:15 pm

Tell me that this is not the best jingle ever. Go on, I dare you. - Gorbachev, psychosis, and orange juice, oh my!

I like pie, and so should you
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Postby KathleenJ on Sun Dec 08, 2002 8:56 pm

Hee hee!
It's always an excellent marketing technique to name your company after
an extinct animal.
Plus, bonus points for the whole Australian thing. I like Australia.
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Postby Justinpie on Mon Dec 09, 2002 7:19 am

I like that they have both a dodo mascot, and the tagline "internet that flies".

I remember when the skies were so full of dodo birds, it would block out the sun.
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Postby Al_fayyed on Tue Dec 10, 2002 9:02 am

Ah, the days of fear, when the dodo flocks would swoop down to skeletonize entire villages...that was before the Grand Army was formed to end the dodo menace for once and for all.

I think Australians are paying less for the Internet than I am. It makes me want to move to Australia, except that I kind of want to be wealthy first, because Australia is so congenitally mellow that if I go there now, all the ambition will be sucked out of me and I'll end up spending all my time on a beach with a Victoria Bitter in hand. Sort of like Hemingway in Key West if he hadn't written any novels.
- Akhmed Al-Fayyed
Writer of Bhag and professional sojourner.
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