Johnny Mnemonic!!

Johnny Mnemonic!!

Postby Krazy Krow on Sat Nov 09, 2002 7:21 am

This film is one of those movies that's so bad it's funny. A shame as Gibson himself wrote the screenplay. However, during a book signing he claims that the film got mangled during editing, and the uncut Japanese version is much better. I didn't find out until recently, but the Yakuza assassin is played by Beat Takeshi, who just plain rules. Apparently the 15 minute difference in running time is largely scenes with Takeshi. Think this film is worth buying? I saw JM (japanese title) in a Book Off here for 4800 yen, or about $50.

P.S. I am attempting to simultaneously introduce cancer fighting orange juice into my diet and get rid of the bottle of vodka from the time I was going to perform surgery on myself. This may result in the above post being somewhat stream-of-consciousness, due to the overload of vitamin C.
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Postby Rhythm on Mon Nov 11, 2002 8:31 am

Beat Takeshi as in <i>Hana Bi</i> AKA "the-movie-that-totally-fucking-rocks"?


Which reminds me... my brother still has my copy of HB...

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