William Gibson

William Gibson

Postby Krazy Krow on Thu Nov 07, 2002 10:26 pm

I'm a big fan of Gibson's works, as you may have noticed. Searching Amazon for other books by Gibson brought up, "The Miracle Worker," which is a book by a different author of the same name about Hellen Keller, the blind deaf and dumb girl. Not surprising that it came up in an online search, but during a trip to a brick and mortar book store a year ago in Calgary, I noticed they had "The Miracle Worker" in the sci-fi section right beside "Neuromancer" and "Virtual Light."

Now Maruzen in Kyoto has a whole floor devoted to English language books. I looked through the sci-fi rack and sure enough, there's that Hellen Keller book again. I wonder how many copies of the Hellen Keller biography have been bought by readers expecting cyberpunk vatgrown ninjas?
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