I am confused...

I am confused...

Postby Silver_Ronin on Wed Oct 09, 2002 9:49 am

Okay, Kisoka is part Harpy. Honestly, I should have guessed that, but, well....I dunno, I guess I'm silly! Here's what's confusing me...If Kisoka is part Harpy, wouldn't she have tried absolutely everything possible to avoid having Vincent turned into a Vampire? I mean, Harpies and Vampires don't like each other (vast understatement there), so wouldn't either race try to stop the production of the other kind? :-?

I will never let this Kisoka thing go, I swear... :P And yes, I'm aware we don't know her story. It's gotta be some soap opera, though, I'm not even kidding you.
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Postby Aelyn on Wed Oct 09, 2002 11:04 am

Oh it's a soap opera alright. XD ... The easiest explanation is that she's only part Harpy. She wasn't raised in a Harpy-dominated society, so all those anti-vampire sentiments weren't pushed on her. But I didn't explain that, so ... Gotta remember to put in all these details at some point. >_>;

...There's a longer and more accurate explanation, but it's spoiler-ridden. 8)
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