Fun On AIM!

Fun On AIM!

Postby Shibs on Thu Aug 29, 2002 5:23 pm

I seem to attract fuckwits resulting in amusing AIM conversations. And since this forum was supposedly the indirect cause, I'll share.

Zambeah: boo?
Swank Starwind: Who the hell are you?
Zambeah: such a hospitable greeting..
Zambeah: i was looking at the electric orange forum..
Swank Starwind: Okay, so...?
Zambeah: and i saw one of your posts..
Zambeah: umm, no one you know?
Zambeah: well..
Zambeah: i figured..
Swank Starwind: Hoorae, I think. So whatCHA want with me?
Zambeah: only a few people that i know have even heart of electric orange..
Swank Starwind: Yep.
Zambeah: so i figured the people who actually post at the forum..
Zambeah: must be something like me..
Swank Starwind: Mayhaps.
Zambeah: since we share that same kind of psychotic sense of humor..
Zambeah: *nods*
Zambeah: plus i'm bored to tears..
Zambeah: so..
Swank Starwind: So?
Zambeah: that's about it..
Zambeah: anything you want to know about me i'll tell..
Swank Starwind: Oh, uh... alright.
Zambeah: well, almost anything..
Zambeah: i'm just looking for intelligent conversation..
Zambeah: basically..
Swank Starwind: First: who the hell are you?
Zambeah: would it matter if i told you my name? No.
Zambeah: it's a label.
Zambeah: ask me about myself then you'll know who i am.
Zambeah: my name is Emily.
Swank Starwind: ...right. Okay.
Zambeah: so..what's up?
Swank Starwind: The sky.
Zambeah: besides that..
Swank Starwind: Uh... the ceiling?
Zambeah: ok..umm..try this again..
Zambeah: how's stuff?
Swank Starwind: Uh... fine.
Zambeah: do you like anime?
Swank Starwind: To an extent.
Zambeah: cowboy bebop?
Swank Starwind: Bebop is amusing, yes.
Zambeah: evangelion?
Swank Starwind: Eva... is interesting, to say the least.
Zambeah: heh..
Zambeah: do you like role-playing?
Swank Starwind: Not particularly.
Zambeah: you like rollerblading?
Swank Starwind: No.
Zambeah: umm..penny-arcade?
Swank Starwind: Also amusing.
Zambeah: ummm..
Zambeah: 8-bit theatre?
Swank Starwind: It's lost whatever it was that made it funny.
Zambeah: *nods*
Zambeah: i agree.
Zambeah: ummm...
Zambeah: hm..
Zambeah: megatokyo?
Swank Starwind: Don't read it.
Zambeah: should..
Zambeah: lasagna?
Swank Starwind: No, thank you. I'm not hungry at the moment.
Zambeah: umm... . . .. . . .
Zambeah: are you making this hard on purpose?
Zambeah: or are you just fucking with me?
Zambeah: *grins a bit*
Zambeah: or..both..
Zambeah: hmm.
Swank Starwind: Both. I'm mean.
Zambeah: i see.
Zambeah: *half-smiles*
Zambeah: let's see..
Zambeah: into..andy capps hot fries?
Zambeah: *laughs*
Zambeah: *(running out of ideas)*
Swank Starwind: I haven't a clue as to what that is.
Zambeah: where did you get your name?
Swank Starwind: Nowhere in particular. A combination of the lead in Outlaw Star, Gene Starwind, and my occasional use of the word "swank". The name I had in mind was already taken and I didn't want to tack on a bunch of numbers.
Zambeah: oh, cool..heh..
Zambeah: old are you?
Swank Starwind: I suppose so.
Zambeah: where do you live?
Swank Starwind: I'm eightteen.
Zambeah: *smiles*
Zambeah: where do you live?
Swank Starwind: ...listen, its very obvious that I'm not ejoying conversing with you, so just cut the shit. What in the fuck do you want with me, and if I don't deem your reasoning worthy, why don't you leave me the hell alone?
Zambeah: . . ..
Swank Starwind: That's what I thought. Cheery bye.
Zambeah: i'm just a bored being looking for someone intelligent to talk to..
Zambeah: one question..
Swank Starwind: What?
Zambeah: what kind of conversation is it that keeps you intrigued, then?
Zambeah: what do you want to talk about..?
Zambeah: people? constellations?
Zambeah: behavior...
Swank Starwind: I don't see how it matters, as I don't want to talk to you. It would usually involve another party I care to speak to, and you are not such a person. Again, cheery bye.
Zambeah: nevermind..
Zambeah: what's your problem?
Swank Starwind: What? I'm mean. I already told you that.
Zambeah: i guess i thought you were joking...
Swank Starwind: Then you thought wrong.
Swank Starwind: Please just stop talking to me now. Cheery bye.
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Postby Ianhurst on Wed Sep 04, 2002 11:37 am


She emailed me after Laz put up that link to my site. Seemed nice enough.
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Postby Shibs on Thu Sep 05, 2002 2:36 pm

Ah, but I'm not nice.
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Postby Vlad Damien on Fri Sep 06, 2002 9:32 am

Oh come on, she just wanted to get all lovey-dovey with you Shibs... :P

But see, if you DIDN'T use AIM, you'd never get people that pop out of nowhere coming to talk to you.

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I know, right?

Postby Shibs on Fri Sep 06, 2002 12:47 pm

But see, if you DIDN'T use AIM, you'd never get people that pop out of nowhere coming to talk to you.
Indeed. And I've built myself a hell of a reputation as an asshole through just such encounters.
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