Why Mirabile Temporis is not updating

Why Mirabile Temporis is not updating

Postby Freyah on Mon Aug 19, 2002 4:10 am

Well, as one can make out of the ‘oh so spiffy’ MSpaint comic now showing on the comic site, we have no scanning capability. And we are not really sure when we will be able to get it back.
There is a person who can scan our comic pages using a scanner at her work, but she is on vacation and will not return until next week. :-?

On the other side this whole bout with Murphy’s Law (scanner go ‘poof’, computer go ‘poof’, me go to hospital, and so on) could just be a little hint from the forces that be that it is time to look under the sofa cushions for money and go and buy a new scanner. Which would really irk me to no ends since I actually have a fully functional scanner…it just will not cooperate with my new computer… *sigh* :roll:

What ever happens we will be back soon, this is not by any means a sign that we have tired of our comic and will stop making it or anything like that. We are producing pages as usual…we just cant get them up on the site. :cry:
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