I know that cat

I know that cat

Postby Redmenace5 on Wed May 01, 2002 10:56 am

It was snagglepus, right? The whole "exit stage right" thing, rigt? Right?
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Postby Unspoken on Sat May 04, 2002 11:46 am

Holy smokes! The forum is working, and there's a post!!!
Will wonders never cease?

Yup, it was Snagglepuss. Here's to big pink cats, eh?

Wow, it's so vapidly white in here now. I liked it better when the forum
had my site's color scheme. Of course I'd take any forum that worked
more than one day a week at this point (which isn't this one so far).
We've lost the ability to distinguish
between what's cute and what's idiotic.
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