Postby Metal-Angel on Tue Apr 23, 2002 2:55 am

You may remember Josh Lesnick, author of such great comics as Wendy, CuteWendy, Penis, Laika among others (no mention of CuteLesnick). The above link leads to his new page, where you can buy subscriptions to online h-comics, most of which are drawn by him.

I won't go saying he's sold out, I just find it very... interesting to see how he's finally found a way to make money (after all those artwork auctions).

But the thing that really got me was Lucy, the beloved goth chickie from Wendy (and a collage of whom I made myself for my desktop image) has a sex strip where her ever-present huge black cloak has been stolen and (I quote) 'she'll do ANYTHING to get it back'. You the viewers get to vote as to what she does next (so I imagine it's 'Should Lucy suck cock or have bumsex?'). Now, for ages I would post after every comic where she NEARLY got naked in the little box Lesnick had for feedback saying 'NAKED LUCY! PLEASE!'.

But now she's naked and having mad sex, I don't want to see for some reason.

Sorta like in EN... Jordan desperately wanted Bush, and when Bush finally gave in and offered herself, Jordan panicked and ran off.

Just me rambling, sorry.
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