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Postby Willowolf on Sun Apr 14, 2002 1:55 pm

Wait... how do I work this thing... uh....
Okay, think I've got it no! :wink:

Early twenties
Anthropomorphic wolf with wings
Five foot eleven- Six with ears! (Wings separate)
Fur is whitish gold. Wings are white with a iridescent gold sparkling at the feather edges. Hair is golden blonde, and never parted straight.
Eyes are slate blue with golden nimbuses around the pupils.
A slightly rubenesqe build.
She usually wears a loose robe of various colors, sashed at the waist, with full sleeves either gathered into cuffs or loose. Her wrists and neck and sometimes ankles are adorned with strings of round beads, and her left ear has a silver hoop near the tip. Usually barefoot or in boots. Always carries a faceted crystal a little smaller than and the shape of a golf ball.
She has two alternate forms, a Chibi version of herself, and a human version, with wolven ears and tail, which wears leather jeans and a silk sleeveless shirt instead. semi- version is the hiding of the wings. Other than that she gets everywhere, and can sometimes change other people into Chibi versions. The getting anywhere is an extension of the ability first displayed which is to find just about anything- providing I
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Postby SuperJoe on Mon Apr 15, 2002 1:28 pm

Oh, is that how it is, you big smeggy pants?
You think you're so great with your do-hickeys and what not?
Well I'll tell ya, we don't not take kindly to none of this brew ha ha around the parts where I part... from.. and... What? Who said I wanted one of these? Where?
*slinks away*
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Postby Kasaii on Mon Apr 15, 2002 2:56 pm

Name: Friv
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Yeti
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Build: On the muscular side of average for a human, slim for a yeti.
Fur Color: Mostly white, with speckling of light gray.
Eye Color: Generally green, but subject to change based on mood.
Clothing: Red T- Shirt with native designs on it, black khakis, and good hiking shoes. Wears an arrowhead pendant at all times.
Accessories: Always has a pen on hand, as well as a rare nickel.
Powers: Impressive, but unreliable luck, as well as a near-immunity to extremes of temperature
Weaknesses: When his luck goes sour, it goes all-out. And due to a curse laid upon him by an angry magician, volleyballs that are in the air invariably curve towards him. This curse will only be lifted when he proves himself worthy.
Abilities: Minor fighting skills, mainly because people tend to trip shortly before hitting him, and he steps out of the way of bullets unwittingly. Also fairly good at computers, and an amateur poet/author.
Ambitions: Wants to be a world-renowned author, remove the dratted curse, and figure out how to harness his luck for good.
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Postby PDI on Mon Apr 15, 2002 6:03 pm

On 2002-04-15 14:28, SuperJoe wrote:
Oh, is that how it is, you big smeggy pants?
You think you're so great with your do-hickeys and what not?
Well I'll tell ya, we don't not take kindly to none of this brew ha ha around the parts where I part... from.. and... What? Who said I wanted one of these? Where?
*slinks away*

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Postby SuperJoe on Mon Apr 15, 2002 9:37 pm

Really? Well, in that case, here's my wacky fury self...
Name: Joe (obviously) Add the Super if you want.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Anteater
Height: 3'2" (seems about right)
Weight: 75 lbs.
Build: Scrawny and small. Well you've seen the picture right? It can be found at
Fur Color: Light brown, but with blonde head hair.
Eye Color: N/A due to goofy, think, cartoonish glasses.
Clothing: Let's go with blue slacks and any hawaiian shirt you feel apropriate. Maybe a black one, with blue flowers, or perhaps some kind of red number. But open, with a T-shirt that says "PONIES." Oh. And if you show the bum there's the tiniest stubby tale there.
Accessories: A sandwich! Salami, mayo, mustard, cheddar, lettuce, on white! And maybe a cherry juice box.
Magic Super Phat Skillz: Mad drawing know how mixed with insanity and a twisted sense of humor. Yet he, err.. I, err.. can also be sickeningly cute, without trying. Also, somewhat of a geek, and a dork. But look at my big comic collection! Oh, Spider-Man. Will you ever win? Besides the times you won.
My Ambition: To become Lord of the Dance! But that dance is polka... Oh, and getting paid to just generaly be myself would be nice.

Could this mark Joe's triumphant return to the PDI boards? Only time will tell!
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Postby Swardfish on Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:28 am

This is just the best thing ever! Yee-ha factor eight, yo.

Name: Sharky

Age: 18

Gender: female

Race: Squatter! (squirrel/otter mix)

Height: 5'

Weight: 98 lb (weakling)

Build: Squirrel ears, claws, and tail, otter body. (Equally suited to water and tree.) Small fangs. Scrawny, and not especially coordinated, but speedy with occasional moments of grace.

Fur: Unremarkable brown (wouldn't that be a good name for a crayon)

Eyes: Big and darker unremarkable brown (but sparkly!)

Clothing: Loose cargos (yeeeeah pockets!), a white Dangermouse t-shirt, sneakers, and a knit cap with ear-holes cut out that says '"Toque" on it.

Accessories: One o' them big, black, bullet-proof scuba-diving watches that tells the time in 12 cities and can do algorithmic calculations.... with a built-in cellphone. L.L. Bean jack knife (monogrammed), mini-harmonica, yo-yo, dental floss.

Special Effects: The ability to teleport, with the unfortunate side-effect of rematerializing having rotated 180
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Postby Andrick on Tue Apr 16, 2002 1:35 pm

Name: Andrick

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Grey Wolf / Ring-Tail Lemur mix

Height: 6'1

Build: Lanky (150lbs stretched across 73")

Fur Color(s): Grey with white bands on his bushy tail and black bands on the ear. No facial markings.

Eye Color(s): Blue

Clothing: Well worn jeans (faded on the top thighs) cinched with a thick, leather belt and a blue colored T-shirt.

Accessories: A dark green backpack.

Powers: Chaos Spirit. It manifests as the ability to pull an item from his backpack which is useful to a current situation or crisis. Not necessarily the ideal item but always useful.

Ambition: To challenge peoples' preconceived notions and have them question their beliefs. "Freedom does not exist until you free yourself."

Affiliation: Element's Song

Image: Andrick kneeling in front of his backpack, like he's been rummaging through it, and pulling out the Thunder Axe (see Wolf link). He should have an exasperated "WTF?" expression as he realizes what he's holding.
"I don't know why, but watching 12-year old Japanese girls flinging their school uniforms at each other was wildly entertaining." - Azrael, Japanese Exchange Teacher.
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Postby Child of offal and ichor on Tue Apr 16, 2002 5:46 pm

hi, i have been reading this comic since fairly soon after it started, but never have posted on this forum. I thought this would be a nice way to introduce myself

age: 17
gender: hermaphradidic
race: large jet black cat, reminisant of a panther, with large feathered wings that are the same jet black on top, white on the bottom. shifts between purely animal and anthropromorphic forms.
height: 6' if standing, humanoid form
weight: 175-200 lbs.
build: muscular, but not ripply
color: as said before, jet black (almost shining black) except white for underside of the wings, and an upsidedown small dark red star on the forehead.
eyes: dark green/brown, with hints of red that jut from the pupils.
powers: currently going through a period of discovery, so far the only powers are shifting to and from the complete animal form, and the ability to give others terrible nightmares and visions
accessories: (humanoid form) dark, often black clothing, some band's t-shirt, and pounds of metal jewlery, especially chain mail. pockets of pants carry random treasures that are called forth at odd circumstances.
abilities: that would be the nightmare invoking thing, although this ability is hard to control, and is often used on someone that it should not
ambition: to not fit in or be normal in any conventional way
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Postby Jarech on Tue Apr 16, 2002 7:45 pm

Age: Twenties somewhere

Gender: Male, always.

Race (human, furry type, or other): Human, with uncontrolled omnimorphic tendencies.

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 180

Build: Powerful but lean.

Fur (hair, feather, scale, or skin) Color(s): Medium dark gold-brown skin, waist-length thick black hair.

Eye Color(s): Deep blue, but rather bleached-looking due to blindness.

Clothing: Korean Tae Kwon Doe uniform in gray, with a black belt with gold Korean lettering on one side. Leather wrappings around his hands and wrists, and ankles to the arches of his feet.

Accessories (catch all): A small silver ring on his left hand, and black tattoos of stylized elements nearly cover the right side of his body and face, and his right arm and leg, tongues of flame or bits of water or flame symbology occasionally straying over to the left side of his body. The entire tattoos seem to constantly shift in a subtle, disconcerting way.

Special Effects (if any): He is quite good at Capoeira and Tae Kwon Doe, but that is minor compared to his uncontrolled talent. A spell encoded in his genetics allows him to see, but it frequently fails, and he is used to it doing so. He is an intrinsic shapeshifter, but he cannot control it at all. He might turn into anything at all, but he keeps certain characteristics throughout any form he acquires. His eyes and his tattoos stay with him, and his clothes either change to fit him, if he's still humanoid, or vanish entirely if he's not, to return when he turns back.

?What is your ambition??: To control this talent of mine... And then learn how in the world to use it.
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Postby Shleb on Wed Apr 17, 2002 12:21 pm

Name: Shel

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Amur Leopard

Height: 5'4

Build: Athletic and slim

Fur Color(s): Golden brown with black circular markings with a really sleek appearance to her fun.

Eye Color(s): Green

Clothing: Either a long spagetti strap fitted dress with a wide flowing skirt of white with swirling green and blue tendrils tracing up over it or jeans and tank top. (depends on the mood...magic tends to lead towards the extravagent and the dress.)

Accessories: A slim silver chain with a pearl dangling from it, a gold pinkie with a coral gem ring and a gold ring with a black onyx on her right ring finger

Powers: Control over the elements most specifically those of lighting, thunder, wind, and ice. (Storms basically)

Ambition: To keep the world safe for procrastination :wink: well and protect the innocent from harm of course.

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Postby Illian on Wed Apr 17, 2002 12:33 pm

Name: Illian

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Bear

Height: 5'8" (shortest bear you are likely to ever see . . .)

Build: Average

Fur Color(s): Dark brown.

Eye Color(s): Brown to black

Clothing: Blue jeans and a t-shirt usually; occassionally wanders around in a dark hooded robe.

Accessories: Sceptre, Wand, book(s) (see powers).

Powers: His wand can Polymorph just about anything and his Sceptre can blast things. He has Omniscience manifested as a book that he has (although this power is flawed, he can only remember so much at a time). Strange and unusual smilies occassionally manifest around him.

Abilities: Reasonably proficient with computers. Very good with electrical, lighting, and special effects equipment.

Errata: Has a trace of Fey blood in his ancestry somewhere; is the harem keeper for the Goddess of Yaoi :wink:

Ambitions: To get enough peace and quiet to read his books!
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Postby PDI on Fri Apr 19, 2002 9:52 am

About time, Illy.
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Postby STrRedWolf on Fri Apr 19, 2002 4:16 pm

Belive it or not, I've got most of this on my character cast page... except for:

What is your ambition? "That is hard to say. The one thing I most strive for is a quiet day, with Sandra or a few friends, uninterupted in which I can truly enjoy myself and not have to worry about several thousand things. I wish to be left alone, but folks are always asking for help. I'm glad I just put in a new voice mail system..."
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Postby Matt Trepal on Fri Apr 19, 2002 5:23 pm


Since I won one of these, I guess I should create an avatar profile, eh? It took me some time to come up with a decent one.

Goose will do just fine for his name.<a name=goose>

Age: Late 20's (hey, it's an RP, I can tweak it a little! :wink:)

Gender: Male

Species: Donkey <small>(and do you know how hard it is to find decent pictures of donkeys on the Web?)</small>

Appearance: 5'11", 185lbs. Brown eyes, brown hair shading to grey at the muzzle, hands, and hooves. Black mane & tail hair (remember, he doesn't have a horse-type tail); mane is fairly short & bristly but becomes unruly atop his head. Normally wears a yellow & black Charlie Brown t-shirt and blue jeans. Stands around with his hands in his pockets, a lot.

Accessories: Whenever he can, a beer bottle. Not that it's to excess, but he likes his malt beverages. Occasionally, a Telecaster.

Powers/Abilities/Special Effects: Well, if he had useful abilities that he could control he wouldn't be at the PDI; he'd be out fighting crime or robbing banks or plotting to rule over the "normals." But he don't, so he ain't. Since he did write his own profile, though, it's safe to say that he's sarcastic and cynical (sardonic, even?), but with a generous sense of humor and sillyness. Somewhat of a loner and pessimist by nature, he's more friendly and sociable than he first appears; it just takes him a little while to get going.

He's got his own rhythm section, although that's not really as cool as it sounds, since he can't get it to TURN OFF, DAMMIT! This is why he took up the guitar, but frankly, he's not very good, despite the impeccable backbeat that follows him around. It consists of bass- and drumlines that vary in volume, tempo, and style depending on his emotional state: the more agitated he is, the more agitated and dissonant the beat.

He's also a Strange Attractor; odd (usually bad) things happen around and to him.

Ambition: To find that place where you fit in the world and the world fits around you.

Affilliation: Fight Cast Or Evade

<small>well, was that worth waiting for?</small>
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Postby PDI on Fri Apr 19, 2002 8:07 pm

Cool, Matt. Welcome. You, too, Striker.

Should be an interesting crowd. Only one RP thread so far, but it'll branch fast.

For all: Unless otherwise specified, we're assuming you're anthro. When Matt said he was a Donkey, I didn't assume he was four-footed (and the clothing description helped). If you're a four (or more)-footed variety, or otherwise not standing upright, be sure to specify.
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Postby Matt Trepal on Fri May 03, 2002 4:47 pm

Why can't I edit posts? :-?

Anyway, I've decided on a name for my character, rather than just using my own name. Call him "Goose."

Yeah, I know, a donkey named Goose. :roll:

But I like it, so there!
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Postby BloodEye on Fri May 17, 2002 5:32 pm

Suppose this is as good a way to introduce myself as any.

Name: Raymond Eric "BloodEye" Dannelly

Age: 23ish

Gender: Male

Species: gray tabby cat

Height: 6'5", 6'8" with ears

Weight: changes, usually around 200 lbs

Build: Naturally lanky, but moving towards heavy due to passive(lazy) lifestyle

Fur: Gray with black stripes

Hair: Dark gray, worn long, to about shoulder blades

Eyes: Dark green/hazel

Other: small scar between left eye and eyebrow, left eye tends to be bloodshot, hence the nickname

Clothing: Black. Long story, but seldom wears other colors. Usually black slacks, T-shirt, hooded zip-up sweatshirt, and high-tops. Can range from anything from tux to tunic and cloak.

Accessories: Pendant; made from assorted small pendants is worn almost constantly, removed for sleeping and showers.
Backpack; normal black college backpack, containing assorted supplies usually consisting of a handful of mechanical pencils, a TI-85, spiral notebook, bus schedule, set of gaming dice, laser pointer, ebony pencil, pink eraser, sketchbook, spare change.
Wristwatch; Timex Indiglo, black leather wristband, worn on left wrist
Elastic hair band; worn around left wrist when not in hair
Pocket knife; cheap Swiss knockoff, inch blade, two inches unfolded, great for opening packages. Nail file opposite blade
Black leather wallet; chronically without cash, holds drivers license, student ID, bus pass, bank card, library card, assortment of expired promotional business cards
Glasses; prescription, reactive tinted, thin black flex-frame.

Powers: Unusually high constitution and resistance.
Mild regeneration ability
Visual range extends slightly into `Ultra-violet` range
Hand(s), Eye(s), or full body may manifest nimbus of light (color varies). this nimbus tends to cause mild intimidation and/or fear in those viewing it. Possible this emotional response is purely coincidence. BloodEye has little control of his ability, which tends to manifest when he is angry. Uncertain when powers first manifested, as is origin. Was present and mildly familiar at age 10.
Very mild pre-cognitive ability. Possibly just lucky.
Highly intelligent, though not quite so high as he'd have you believe.

Weaknesses: Nearsighted; has trouble with objects more then a few feet away without glasses. Motion tends to be easily spotted regardless, but is difficult to determine if motion is due to someone moving around, or just some trash in the breeze.
Sensitive to bright lights; especially eyes, less than full sunlight seldom causes trouble
Numerous allergies; ranging from pollen to egg yolk to wheat, most are dietary in nature. Many types of perfume, cologne or aerosol products have ill effects. Allergies tend to manifest as irritated eyes, irritability, and extreme migraines.
Mild schizophrenia; occasionally makes logic connections or parallels where few others would do so. On occasion this leads to startling insights, more often is just weird. Tends to become frustrated when others fail to follow said leaps of logic.
Very short attention span; is usually able to return to subject at hand before anyone notices a divergence.
Mild dyslexia; occasionally causes troubles in spelling and grammar.

Ambition: To remain a professional student as long as possible. To become all knowing. To become the First Emperor of the Moon, or some similar position.

Brief History: A moderately typical child, `BloodEye` tended to be a bit of a social outcast because of his violent tendencies. These violent outbursts were later connected to his allergies, and eventually brought under control. Still has poorly developed social skills, most derived from online interactions or gleaned from books. Graduated high school with good grades, but few scholarships, enrolled in state university. Declared physics as his major, but failed to take many physics courses. Transferred to PDI upon running out of scholarship money.
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Postby Saski Berth on Tue May 28, 2002 4:46 am

Name : Saski Berth
Type : Kitsune
Gender : Male
I normally measure 6' 6"
I normally wiegh 190 lbs
Fur : normally greyish-white (arctic fox) , but shading more towards the white. (subject to whimsical changes)
I wear glasses.
Eyes : normally an inky black, without iris or pupil. (color denotes mood : black is neutral, gold is happiness, blood red is anger, and aqua is contentedness)
I have 5 fox tails. They have some pe-hensile qualities.
I do wear clothes, but I don't have to.
Acsessories : portable computer, Steinberger Electric Guitar, backpack, bag of dirty tricks, walking stick (for looks)
My general expression is of mischievious good humour.
powers ; natural magician, the only limitation is where I cannot imagine doing something. I am also an incorrigiable punster, you have been warned!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
Ambition : to learn the best and most interesting uses for my power, and to have as much fun doing it as I can get away with.
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Postby JimmyRei1000 on Mon Jul 08, 2002 12:35 am

Name: Shawn Williams (Disregard Handle please. It's the one I had. ^^;;)
Height: 5'2
Sex:Male (Both ways, please! ^^)
Description:A Strawberry Blond Furred Catmorph with Bright Emeraldine Eyes, and Bright blue hair with a streak of silver here and there, He stands, without shoes mind you, at about 5'2, and is currently wearing A Bright Red Shirt with "Im Easy!" On the front of it, and on the back, in black sequins, "Dont Dream it, Be it!" as well a sbaggy black pants. He has an insatably curious expression on his face at all times, and Seems intrested in anything musical or harmonic...He has a lithe, Slim body, long legs and arms, and otherwise is fairly trim and looks very well kept up in terms of fitness,He has a Large, Gold Gypsy earing in one ear (Right) and a curious lilt to his walk.

Powers: Shawn has the ability to use music to control things to do as he wishes, or to use it to get what he needs, But has no real control over it yet.

Some Story: Shawn was born as an Orphan when his mother died at his birth, and Ran away from the Orphanage at age 5. He discovered he had an incredable talent for Music, and began to play the little Guitar he stole on street corners. Some days he made simple money, enough to feed him, and reclothe him. He soon discovered he could make more money if he concentrated really hard on his music...He did not know he was manifesting a psychic power.

(None more for now. ^^ Will work on it. I give full disclosure to use in any jokes)
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Postby Illian on Sun Jul 21, 2002 10:12 am

PDI wrote:About time, Illy.

The best things in life are worth waiting for. :P
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