Apocalyptic Comedy

Postby Wazzlehog on Thu Apr 04, 2002 4:13 pm

Alright, I got a question, and I thought I'd pop it on everyone here, seeing as this board is young, and few things are popped here... and the things that are popped here are better left in secret. So anyways, today, I had nothing better to do in drama class than to think of movie script ideas. I came up with then, what I thought to be a great idea... see, there are many movies about the end of the world that are dramas and thrillers, but I thought, why not make a comedy about the Apocalypse?

Well, my friends didn't think so. Except for one, they all said the end of the world wasn't something to add funniness to. So, what do you guys think? And keep in mind, I've declared to write anything I want, so I don't really care what my friends or you might say... it's just that this place needs more discussion.

Shit, I need something to close with... I wish I could think of clever closing phrases or something. Oh well... floppy boobies!
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Postby MrPokeyCactus on Thu Apr 04, 2002 5:02 pm

Anything can be made fun of if you throw in a bunch of B class Dick and Fart jokes. Hell, Look at South Park and Scary Movie!
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Postby H Cuz on Sat Apr 06, 2002 2:02 am

Go for it. Apocalypse can be made comedic if you want.

See, I'm already thinking, "Jay and Silent Bob during the apocalypse". And I think it could work, too.
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Postby TD Mak on Sat Apr 06, 2002 5:36 pm

Making fun of the Apocolypse is a good idea. If people think it's too serious to be made fun of, then that's all the more reason to make fun of it.

If you've ever read Cat's Cradle, the apocolyse occurs at the end (all the water freezes), and it's sort of done with an "Oh well, so it goes" type of approach. Ahh, good ol' Kurt Vonnegut.
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