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Postby Catz Bartlett on Sun Mar 31, 2002 10:06 pm

Heh. On the Midichlorians-schtick topic, I noticed a particularly interesting thread running through diverse SF topics...

In not only Ep.I, but also Parasite Eve, "A Wind in the Door", and some other things that I've forgotten right now, reference is made to microscopic organisms living inside human cells in a symbiotic relationship, providing us with energy but actually independent of us...

Anyone with a high-school biology education should realize what I'm talking about by now.

That's right, mitochondria (sometimes under other names) are infiltrating our science fiction. Head for the hills! ^_^

This has been a Raven Rant.
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Postby Shatteredtower on Mon Apr 01, 2002 5:03 am

On this theory that Ben Kenobi isn't who we thought he was, there's one line that hasn't been addressed:

"If Obi-wan is here, I must deal with him, alone."

Nowhere is it explained why Vader would be claiming that somebody else was Obi-wan at this point. It could work, I suppose, if the Emperor is working from prophecy and maybe a degree of clairvoyance. After all, the former is specifically mentioned, and there are suggestions of the latter in episode six. (But somebody didn't read to the end of the script, it appears.)

But the way they've been written by Lucas, I wouldn't trust the Jedi to run a can opener, let alone their daycare program. From what I saw of them in Episode One, they weren't competent enough to be "good guys."

"Oooh, this kid has the potential to be the greatest of us all! Let's not train him - if our enemies find and recruit him, we can just brainwash him into joining us later!"
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Postby Manticoraus on Mon Apr 01, 2002 3:45 pm

Probably because of PE and I actually "got it" I like the midichlorians.

Considerring the BOOKS were much much much more offensive on the topic of explaining the force (ya know the ones that know more about Star Wars than Lucas now).

In one book it was an abstract nueral pattern in one you could detect it with a machine. Lucas just went headlong and gave it a definition that seemed fair and in theme. Symbiosis and the learning to interact with any species on such a fundamental level makes you stronger. Yeah I am down with THAT force as opposed to
"I wish to attack the bad guy but can't because I can only use a lightsabe and anything else would be me going darkside."

I think the point (to rejecting Anakin) was to the illustrate the Jedi themselves were not all that much less corrupt than the Senate. the Visual guide states a relative of the Chancellor sits on the Jedi Council. They practically couldn't care about the Sith returning they were so busy standing at sand circles. Also they've taken such an extreme monopolizing way of using the Force and being a Jedi (only taking children jsut as they are born, Qui-Gon's not being on the council for being Neutral Good and not Lawful Good, and the worst offense spending at least one day on that ship on the way back and not once spotting Chancellor Palpatine as force weilder or a darksider the others were doctorinal issues this last brings them into the realm of incompetence in the extreme) they've lost the true force. I think this is why Yoda went to Dagobah in his get back to nature kick. HE realised he'd built an ivory tower about himself. Also I think he lost the fire for good as well asthe knowledge. As did ObiWan. In the end they were wrong about Luke's decisions to save his father. They're absolute terms and definitions forbid them the abilities to see what was plain to Luke. Which is why right from the Zahn Trilogy I've disliked Luke's inable to advance in the force or the obsession with finding out about the past Jedi were. He'd already done something the others couldn't SAVE SOMEONE.
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