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Postby CMHB on Wed Feb 27, 2002 6:00 am

This message is mainly for Josh.
I was in Jay and Silent Bob's secret stash the other day, hoping to see one of them, turns out both of them moved out to LA. I think Jason is out there permenantly and Kevin is staying with his family for now. I know Kevin was also working on a new script.

Just thought I'd tell you cause as far as I know you're closer to LA than you are Red Bank.
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Postby El Cid on Wed Feb 27, 2002 9:16 am

He he, I remember when you posted this on the boards.

You oughta create a section for your art on your site. Usually you only post them on the boards, but you should create a page to archive them all together for people who never got to see them.
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Postby JoshGuy on Wed Feb 27, 2002 10:19 am

What the hell is wrong with my update? It's all screwy and didn't post wednesday.

Jay moved to LA permanently to work on his acting career while Kevin lives both in LA and Jersey, 6 months each per year, I believe.

I live in NY. So Driving 100 something miles to Redbank is a bit better than 3000 for LA. I went to the stash actually. Cool place.
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Postby CMHB on Thu Feb 28, 2002 12:53 am

Ack! I didn't know that! Heh... I kinda figured you were out in California. Blah... anyway, cool deal with the comic dude I've followed you from day one. And I especially like the artist's ego booster, but I was hoping you could tell me how you do certain things, like especially with the front page design. I'd like to make mine a little more noticable. Later dude.
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Postby Titus on Thu Feb 28, 2002 2:22 pm

Hmm. Funny that you've been talking a bit more about Kevin Smith lately. He was the star attendee at the Orlando Megacon last weekend. Very cool person. Pulled a friend of mine aside and pissed off 94 people in line to sign some stuff he had just because he walked by with a neat Justice League of America Jacket. Seems to be a very nice, down to Earth guy for someone who had a few Thousand screaming, clawing psycho fans trying merely to be within 25 feet of the guy... which is what annoys the hell out of me. He's been speaking out against the whole "comic book/movie people are above the common rabble and should be treated like tiny gods" thing for awhile now, and yet they all threw it out the window just to get the name "Kevin Smith" On various pieces of stuff. Argh.

Talked about the stuff he's been doing in movies and comics. Jason would have been there as well, but he's a bit busy being a fugitive for possesion at the moment, and Smith didn't wanna deal with it. He spoke of a conversation the two had a few days eariler the beginning went like this:

Jason: "Yo. Hey dude."
Kevin: "Jason?! Where the hell are you?!"
J: "Oh. A Denny's. 'Grand Slam,' man. So, when are we going to Florida?"
K: "What the...?! Aren't you busy being a fugitive right now?"
J: "So, who's gonna turn me in over there?"
K: "Uh.. Namely... ME?!"

Jason's a funny guy, but he really needs to turn himself in before he digs himself too deep. Oh well.
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