Um, who's Asaki_Lee again?

Postby Serpent231 on Wed Jan 09, 2002 1:27 am

From what it sounds like, she goes to TL, but I have no idea who she is.
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Postby Bouncy Fish on Thu Jan 10, 2002 6:13 am

yes! pocky is what it's called...... oh i remember only too well the secret santa last year when i bought the person a huge box of candy and got 2 pocky sticks in return............ eat shit you shit eating shit eaters
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Postby JeffreyAtW on Thu Jan 10, 2002 7:50 am

Nope, wrong-o you are. She does live in Marin, though.<P>You actually met her at that stupid anime party I threw last year. She was the one who ate all that Pocky and stuff. I think it's another year until she's in high school, though.<P>If she still visits here, she can tell you more herself. I just primarily know her from Jew school from last year.<P>------------------
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