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Postby WB on Fri Feb 08, 2002 4:45 am

**begins drooling uncontrollably**<P>
DAMN YOU ROCKETBOY !!!!!!!!!!!!! XD<P>
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Postby Charles RB on Fri Feb 08, 2002 11:47 am

I know there are Transfans at this board, so I figure THIS should gain some interest!
Below is a list of the characters coming in the TF: Armada line in the summer; no Shockwave yet, darnit...
(Taken from Hasbro's website)<P>TRANSFORMERS ARMADA FIGURES<P>Combination and integration - that's what the brand new TRANSFORMERS ARMADA line is all about. Kids will be able to change their TRANSFORMERS figures from vehicle to robot and back, and they will also be able to combine and add on to their TRANSFORMERS figures, making the toy even more exciting and fun. "MINI-CON" TRANSFORMERS figures will "plug" into larger TRANSFORMERS figures from all the different assortments to enhance and unlock battle features.
(Approximate retail price: $6.99; recommended age: 5 & up)
TRANSFORMERS MINI-CON figures are small TRANSFORMERS figures that come in themed 3-packs, including an air defense team, a land military team, a street action team, a race team, and a destruction team. Each highly collectible MINI-CON figure changes into a robot and can plug into other larger TRANSFORMERS ARMADA figures to add a battle feature. Some 3-packs combine together to form weapons or robots. Others are geared and others are triple changers.
(Approximate retail price: $9.99; recommended age: 5 & up)
Beginning with this assortment, all figures will come action-packed with their very own MINI-CON figure, which will unlock a feature of the deluxe TRANSFORMERS ARMADA figure.
Availability: August - HOT SHOT (sportscar) figure with JOLT (helicopter) MINI-CON figure - a hero that fires a projectile and has grabber claws; CYCLONUS (Helicopter) with CRUMPLEZONE (tank) MINI-CON figure - a villain with spinning blade and projectile; DEMOLISHER (missile tank) with BLACKOUT (military vehicle) MINI-CON - a villain with 3 modes of change and 4 projectiles. October -- SMOKESCREEN (utility crane) with a forklift MINI-CON and SIDEWAYS (bike) with two MINI-CON figure twins. <P>
(Approximate retail price: $19.99; recommended age: 5 & up)
STARSCREAM is a villainous jet with lights, sounds, a flipping weapon feature, and projectiles. Heroic rescue vehicle RED ALERT comes with LONGARM, a crane MINI-CON partner, lights, sounds and a disk launcher.
Availability: August - STAR SCREAM (jet) with race car; RED ALERT (rescue vehicle) with LONGARM (Crane). <P>
(Approximate retail price: $24.99; recommended age: 5 & up)
MEGATRON (Tank), with LEADER-1 (Mobile Artillery Truck) MINI-CON, is the key villain that lights up, speaks, and has sounds in both robot and vehicle modes. He comes with projectiles, MINI-CON traps and grabbers, and can hold more than 10 MINI-CON figures.
Availability: August <P>
(Approximate retail price: $39.99; recommended age: 5 & up)
The OPTIMUS PRIME figure is back as a Semi-Truck, but unlike anything you've ever seen before. When the cab of the truck is changed into a robot, the trailer automatically changes into a Super Base, using IR technology! In addition, it has lights, sound effects, projectiles, launching ramps, and gun stations for MINI-CON figures. The robot and the base can be combined to form the ultimate super robot!
Availability: August <P>
(Approximate retail price: $14.99; recommended age 5 & up)
A triple changer, the LAZORBEAK figure is a role-play video camera that features three different modes: digital video recorder, spy bird and stun weapon! It also features electronic sounds.
Availability: August <P>(Huh; they have frigging Laserbeak but no Soundwave, Shockwave or Grimlock...)<P>Also, go to <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> ; the company doing Transformers comics for April (mini-series based on the original 80's toys) and the Autumn (based on Armada).<P>And for toy pics, go to <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>
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Postby Charles RB on Sun Feb 10, 2002 9:03 am

New info on Armada (and this IS official):<P>1. An unnamed Japanese animation studio will be making the Armada toon.<P>2. Promo video of the cartoon has anime styled human children. Animation based off of Dreamwave's comic designs.<P>3. Dreamwave is doing Armada comics, box art, trading cards, packaged mini-comics... And will be making a shitload of money! <P>4. Series consists of 52 weekly episodes! That's as long as Beast Wars was and that's just for THE FIRST YEAR!<P>5. Story Concept: Three children find the mini-cons, when the realization is made that they are Transformers, the Autobots and Decepticons are made aware on Cybertron...which ignites the war between the Autobots and Decepticons once more. (I think the Autobots actually LIKE being at war...)<P>6. Every Transformers comes with at least one Minicon. You NEED Minicons to unlock special features in the Transformers. Unless you want to break your Autobot/Decepticon toys. <P>7. Smaller Transformers, have one slot that unlocks a "key " feature. Typically: Extra Weaponry (i.e: Missile launcher, guns, etc.)<P>8. Medium sized Transformers, will have two or three keys...(mini-con ports)...Example: Red Alert, has three "keys" releasing weaponry, scopes.<P>9. Larger Transformers have up to ten "keys." Ex: Keys that unlock Megatron's gatling guns, induce movement, lights, speech, and weaponry.<P>
10. Lazorbeak Roleplay looks like the original Lazorbeak, BUT his head is composed of two cameras...plays an integral role in the show as a spy. Has transformation into a Human Digital Camcorder...with a third-mode gun.<P>11. Prime comes with a Minicon called Sparkplug and his trailer is a self-transforming Minicon *base* which can ALSO self -Transform into *as of now unnnamed* combined mode legs. The Prime cab is manually transformed, and easily inserted into the legs.<P>12. Wizard's of the Coast are doing an Armada trading card game, and every Transformer comes with a trading card that can be used in it. <P>13. Video Games on are being planned on EVERY format (please Sega doing it for Gamceube....)<P>14. RUMORS of a possible cross-over with G.I.Joe. (BLEURGH!)<P>15. Optimus Prime will cost A LOT. Not as much as the $50 Supreme Cheetor, I hope, though it'd be more justifiable for Ultra Size Prime w/ Minicon and Minicon base (which combined w/ Prime) to be 50 dollars than a big Cheetor toy...<P>16. No repaints. <P>17. The toys shown so far are merely Wave 1. Meaning this line will last FOR SEVERAL YEARS!<P>And here's some pictures of Armada's presence at the Toyfair: <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>...this WILL be the biggest Transformers line to date. This has the potential to be bigger than the original line! (And we won't see any Action/Power Masters, hopefully!)
No Dinobots OR Shockwave & Soundwave yet. They BETTER be in Wave 2...
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