Postby McFrugal on Wed Sep 19, 2001 10:38 am

But I *liked* Lobst in this form! Nuts... Oh well, I thought it was an interesting explanation anyway. Hmm. I guess this was also why Delgato was the only person Lobst managed to snag, too! Him being a 'Hypedon' as well...<P>Of course, this brings up an interesting question. Would the process of reversal be instantanious, and therefore freak out Delgato, or will it take just as long as it took to take affect in the first place?<P>In either case, this is definitely going to be a change unless something else comes up, which I am half-expecting.<P>
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Postby Lobst on Thu Sep 20, 2001 11:42 am

"Hypedon" is a real word. It's Latin. Or Italian. In either case, the only credible source for this information that I've bothered to look up is Unlike Minerva. Go figure.<P>The pills The Professor (no really, that's his name) gave Lobst are dangerously untested, since they had to be tailored to his exact cellular structure. Reversal could take anywhere from instantanaeous transformation to not happening at all.<P>Either way, she's going to wait to take them. Wacky dates where the protagonist has a strange, hilarious quirk about them that needs to be hidden belong in sitcoms or Rob Schneider movies. Aren't you proud?
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