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Postby Cannonshop on Wed Dec 19, 2001 4:22 am

I've come to the conclusion that Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam is the Joe Cocker of my generation. The more often he covers Mid-sixties pop music, the more certain I am that the man is eithe stoned, or drunk, and, in any case, can't sing a note. Yet, he remains as popular as ever, and they'll put anything he releases into heavy rotation on the Rock Stations- Just like it was good.
For some reason, this disturbs me...<P>------------------
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Postby Avatar Zero on Wed Dec 19, 2001 7:55 am

Hell, this is old news to me. Eddie was always a bit of a drinker during the "Ten" days, but got REALLY heavily into it by the time they got around to recording "Versus". He was even known to carry a bottle of wine on stage with him during tours that would be full at the start of the concert and empty by the first break. If you listen to his singing on "Ten" and then listen to his more recent stuff, you can definitely tell the difference in what the alcohol has done to both his voice and his mental clarity.<P>
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Postby Patron Saint of Thieves on Mon Jan 28, 2002 2:16 am

Not to mention the incredible amounts of other things. (having seen them live, az you turned down the tic so brett got it) I have a unique take on his style. Hell i'll loan you the live in fresno album where he's talking about being on drugs.<P>------------------
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