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Thanks everyone! Thanks to all your voting, IHTBTS was listed as #25 on the <A HREF="http://new.topsitelists.com/bestsites/k ... sites.html" TARGET=_blank>Keenspace Top 99</A>! I know that many of the comics listed there have a ton more readers then IHTBTS, and this isn't a real victory or anything, but IHTBTS looks REAL cool with a #25 beside it, don't you think?<P>Well, I just wanna thank you all again, and hope that you do check out some of the sites in the Keenspace top 99. Alot of them are really good (and I'm sure you may even like them better then IHTBTS after reading them!)<P>And continue to vote, everyday. If just to see how high we can get IHTBTS after only a week listed.<P>Thanks muchly!
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