you're STOPING heroes??

Postby Trensess on Tue Oct 30, 2001 2:06 am

,-_-, <~tears. I guess if it was something like you didn't have enough time, or it was making you go hungry or feel like everything sux, then I could agree with you stopping this comic... BUT I DON'T!! *bawls* I only ever read 3 comix, I used to read like, 10 but eventually some got old, the only 3 I've kept up with is mega tokyo, (of course) strange candy, (no suprise) and HEROES. It's a really great comic, I mean, MT just doesn't have as much light hearted humor, and SC isn't very original. The reason I don't use the message board alot is because I don't really know any of the people in here, there's no scence of comunity... Maybe because no one ever replys to my posts... but anyway... I read the comic all the time, and if i miss a few days, i just strart from where I left off. It's cool, because for once it's not anime, or just crapy @$$ drawings in a comic. Don't stop just because you don't think people read... because think about it, even if you're just making 3 or 4 people feel just a little bit better about their succy lives, isn't it worth it? Wait... Okay, now I'm just being corny. REFRAIS>> Dude, it's hard to get peple to go to newer comics, Honestly, i just found my way here by typing in a random word in the average keenspace adress(heroes). Anyway, I guess... Just do what ever, but if the comic stops, then i'm gonna have to make my own heroes T-shirt..... And I'd rather have the money go to the comic! I hope you change your mind, but... what ever. Remember it's You're life, and never do anything just because people do, or don't want you to! DO it for what ever makes you giggle!! ^_^
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Postby Quattro on Wed Oct 31, 2001 7:13 am

Thanks for the post, but I'm not stopping HEROES. I can't. I have too many adventures to write still, and I love the characters way too much.<P>I'm simply putting it on HOLD and switching objectives for a while, to not only build a better name for myself in the web-comic world (hopefully) but to try something different.<P>HEROES will now be part of a little company me and a friend are messing around with called GAS BUDGET PRODUCTIONS. Not the other Dan, but my friend Lee, who, if you've read my posts, you'll know as the one that I work with on The Tank (Lobster comic). And since Lee is quite the idea factory, you can expect lots of little unique images and comics inbetween the longer updates on the newer site by both him and me.<P>I'm actually REALLY happy about doing this as much as I'm upset. I know I have a small following of readers and I'm sorry about doing this. But I sorta think I need to. HEROES will be back, and it'll more than likely pick up where it left off. The only difference is that hopefully, it'll have a more refined style and consistant style.<P>And if viewers choose not to come over to my newer site, I have no beef with that either.<P>And thanks for that pic too Tren <IMG SRC=""><P>Dan
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