Postby Desty on Tue Sep 25, 2001 1:53 am

I wonder what this will do to his opinion about
Kiwi. It doesnt seem like they where getting along very well to begin with. Hopefully Kiwi will get a chance to expain himself before Berissa's dad throws him out. Beeing an interspecies bigamist doesnt sound very flattering...
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Postby Werecat on Tue Sep 25, 2001 4:55 am

Hahaha!!! That was halarious! <--(My new saying <IMG SRC="">)<P>------------------
=^^= <--|meow!
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Postby McFrugal on Tue Sep 25, 2001 9:04 am

Now *that* is an interesting misunderstanding! Interspecies bigamy! I never thought that would be accused of anyone, heh!<P>
Frugality is key.
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Postby EsylaMcSassy on Thu Sep 27, 2001 1:48 am

It's HIGH-FREAKIN-LARIOUS!!!!<P>------------------
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