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BOHICA Blues is a webcomic based on two related experiences: in 2004 I was mobilized as an Army Reservist to go to Iraq; while I was there I drew some cartoons and hung them up on the wall of the chow hall to provide a little laugh for the day under the stressful conditions. The original cartoons were crudely drawn, with ballpoint pen on typing paper, and pretty disjointed "insanity of the day" type stuff.

Now, in the 10 year anniversary cycle of the Iraq War, I decided to re-do the comic from the ground up-- only this time more professionally, with regular characters, a coherent storyline, and reflecting a lot of the actual experiences that I and people in my Battalion encountered. It's not autobiographical but I do use real-world eventss and personalities to round out made-up characters and situations. The comic is family-friendly and would be suitable for network TV-- I used the TV show M*A*S*H as my model for being humorous while depicting war as appropriately grim. Another TV model used was (oddly enough) Ally MacBeal, where daydreams and the subconscious intrude on the characters' perceptions in the forms of hallucinations or momentary lapses into fantasy.

BOHICA Blues now is available at --no pay walls; PG to PG-13, and comments are welcome. It started on November 11th of 2013 (Veteran's Day) and was originally full-color, updated Mondays and Thursdays. I briefly went to Black & White to expand to a 3-day-a-week schedule, and it now updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in full color. As of this writing, there are 68 published comic pages; here is a sample of artwork: the Chapter Five announcement page:


The original BOHICA Blues was featured in interviews with military news outlets while on deployment:
Stars & Stripes: ... nt-1.22605
AFN / Armed Forces Network:

I hope you drop by to check it out, and enjoy BOHICA Blues.

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