What Does the FiB Have On You? Write Your Dossier File

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Code Name: Red Viking
Real Name: Doucet, Kjell
Known Aliases: Unknown
File ID Number: WK9735
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Norwegian American with French and a bit of Native American blood)
Hair Color: Brown with highlights
Eye Color: Blue
Identifying Marks: A diagonal and faded scar on nose.
Occupation: HRM Student
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Seeking a DnD and Anime Club. Former member of the Monty Phython Society. Moderator of a Fanfiction board.
Interests: Video and Computer games, DnD, Webcomics, Fanfiction, Anime, Manga, Acting, Cooking, Reading and Writing.
Skills: Ability to assemble a computer from sratch, Ability to cook, Limited knowledge of Martial Arts, Bi-Lengual.
Weaknesses: Procrastinator, Completely Incompetant when it comes to Driving Directions

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Okay! I can play this one. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/smile.gif"><P>Code Name: a-tangerine
Real Name: Husted, Ursula
Known Aliases: atomicblueberry, Hedgy
File ID Number: gnat42
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3 3/4 ", 5'5" in my boots!
Weight: 124 pounds
Ethnicity: Caucasian 2nd gen. Irish on both sides
Hair Color: Reddish blonde, hangs to the middle of the back, generally braided to keep it out of the way.
Eye Color: Blue hazel
Identifying Marks: Very faint scar tracing the upper right eyelid, fanshaped birthmark above left knee, lightly freckeled in general.
Occupation: Drawing dumb cartoons, Lego Robotics teacher though the Appalachian Transportation Institute at Marshall University(Yay pork barrel projects!), eternal slave to the hallowed halls of academe. Curretnly ensconced in the gaijin studies program at Kansai Gaidai in Hirikata.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Keen observer, mostly harmless.
Interests: Robotics, Color Theory, Languages, Shiny objects...
Other Pertenant Information: There is not an article of clothing owned by this subject that is not in someway battered, inkstained or uncomfortable looking.
Possible weaknesses: Easily amused with a tendancy to lose objects of material significance (I had a wallet, it was yea big and black...). Chronic insomniac.<P>------------------
"And he talked for 45 minutes but nobody understood a word he said. But we had fun filling out the forms and playing with the pencils on the desk." -Arlo Guthrie

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oh 'eck.<P>that was meant to be comfortable, not the opposite. I stayed up waaay to last last night watching the leonids. (off topic) Did anyone else see them? They were so clear here! Definatly worth the sleep dep. <P>-tangerine, the apologetic<P>------------------
"And he talked for 45 minutes but nobody understood a word he said. But we had fun filling out the forms and playing with the pencils on the desk." -Arlo Guthrie

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Actually, on the original original topic.... how come there isn't a Fans! RPG going on?<P>------------------
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Okay, okay, let's get this done...<P>Code Name: Shatteredtower
Real Name: Macfie, Bob [warning to agents: Do not call him Robert]
Known Aliases: Mad Bob, Bob the Alien, Bob! (it's impossible to explain why that is an alias unless you here it), (Just) Two Things Bob
File ID Number: 04U2C
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: approx. 180-185 pounds
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Scottish ancentry - investigation of family folklore concerning faerie origins still in progress)
Hair Color: Brown, varying based on degree of sunlight received; beard is of slightly darker colour most of the time
Eye Color: Varying shades of blue
Identifying Marks:<P> - surgical scars: one on chest cavity under right armpit, two over right kidney, and one ranging from centre of chest to just above the pubic bone
- "crop circle" on right side of abdomen (not related to surgery)
- absence of pigmentation in hands
- tends to break into rashes in winter
- tongue develops cracks and white streaks due to unusual medical condition<P>Occupation: Security guard (insists that he is secretly charged with keeping the Earth on its rotational axis - as we are unable to verify this claim at this time, we advise handling the subject with caution)<P>Relation to Science-Fiction Club: tends to miss meetings due to unusual sleep schedule (even by their standards)<P>Interests: chess, tinkering with FRP systems, watching the skies (literally - he has no interest in UFOs or background in meteorology or astronomy)<P>Other Pertinent Information: <P> - Convinced that "Robert" is bent on world domination, and tempted to prove it to those who insist on calling him that.<P> - Claims to suffer frequent visits from the Muse of Bad Humour.<P> - Possible hereditary psychic trait: the subject shows alarming tendency to predict the future or draw thoughts from others in moments of flippancy. (Fortunately, he is unable to consciously utilize this and finds it terrifying.)<P> - Extreme perfectionist: seldom does anything until it's either necessary or possible to devote all of his attention to it for at least four uniterupted days.<P> - Has an aversion bordering on loathing towards automobiles<P> - Video/computer game addiction. (The subject is currently "on the wagon.")<P> - Contrary streak; may be used against him even when he is conscious of it being done.<P> - Attempts to maintain civil behaviour, in part because of a tendency to extremes. (Agents are referred to the Peanut Butter War of 1992.)<P> - Cannot tie a knot beneath his chin. (We have yet to determine why this detail is pertinent enough to deserve a mention.)

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CODE NAME: wilbur_whately<P>REAL NAME: Gregory Hankins<P>KNOWN ALIASES: Wilbur Whately, Master Wil, Trashboy<P>FILE ID NUMBER: GE45L9<P>AGE: 18<P>GENDER: Male<P>HEIGHT: 5'9"<P>WEIGHT: 155-160<P>ETHNICICITY: White (ancestry half Russian, half German)<P>HAIR COLOR: brown<P>EYE COLOR: blue<P>IDENTIFYING MARKS:
-small birthmark above upper lip, on right side (usually covered by mustache)
-small dot on left palm (indelible chemical stain)
-presumably incurable fungal infection in most of his toenails<P>OCCUPATION: freshman student, Billberg University, looking for part-time job<P>RELATION TO SCIENCE-FICTION CLUB: in process of joining at current time<P>INTERESTS: video games, sci-fi with some fantasy, anime/manga, webcomics, martial arts, politics, hypnosis/mind-over-matter phenomena, music (mostly alt. rock), Rocky Horror Picture Show<P>WEAKNESSES: reclusive, fatalistic, bouts of both depression and paranoia<P>OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION:
-details of appearance: hair is worn in pony-tail that reaches to bottom of shoulder blades, mustache and goatee that suggest minimun of upkeep, if possible, always wears sneakers, jeans, and t-shirt, known to avoid visible brand-names
-financial future seems to be dependent upon still-maturing money-market accounts left to him by deceased relatives, possible avenue of attack/leverage
-has studied Tae Kwon Do since early age, recently studying practical self-defense, known to have good academic knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, practical knowledge of same is unknown, apparently even to subject
-known to have subversive streak, apparently fueled by sense of guilt over being bourguasie
-studies hypnosis/suggestibility applications and theories on own time, known to have expressed interest in rumors regarding brainwashing/mind control groups/techniques; possible potential for interrogation/reprogramming
-has a thing for vampires

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Thought I might as well start here.<P><B>Code Name</B>: Grifter
<B>Real Name</B>: Isaac, Nigel J.
<B>Known Aliases</B>: Forceonature, Martin Blank, L

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Code Name: Catz Bartlett
Real Name: Harrison Salzman
Known Aliases: Raven, Gumbo, Birdy Gumbo (or BG), Taric Merenthe
File ID Number: YRU-R34D1NG-TH1S
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Eastern Euro ancestry)
Hair Color: Brown (veeeery dark...almost black
Eye Color: Brown (also dark)
Identifying Marks: Scar on elbow, ever-present stubble, minor-but-it's-there cleft in chin.
Occupation: Student
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Released from Fantasmagoric Integration Board (Yes, I memorized that. Mwahaha!) vaults during takeover attempt by Thackerabilitus.
Interests: White Wolf RPGs. Ultima Online. Final Fantasy. Martial Arts. Magic (NOT sleight of hand, thank you very much!)Anything anime...anything Star Wars, Star Trek or Marvel...Anything by Piers Anthony...very fond of 'anything's, as well, in case you hadn't noticed.
Weaknesses: Any book in reach - I'm addicted. Same goes for RPGing and, much as I hate to admit it, eating...
Other Pertinent Information: ...What's a pertinent? ^_^

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Oooh... my turn....<P>Code Name: Nadriel
Real Name: Horton, Michael
Known Aliases: Selgard, Daitaku, David Fletcher
File ID Number: MP5052
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Unknown (not much)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (English with an Irish greatgrandparent)
Hair Color: Dark Brown (usually usually a mess)
Eye Color: Hazel
Identifying Marks: None
Occupation: Student
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Full member of Exeter University offshoot
Interests: Computing, roleplaying, "alternative" music, martial arts, manga.
Other Pertenant Information: Has a sizable influence over an associated organisation of potentially dangerous thinkers, known as RocSoc.
Mug Shot: <IMG SRC="http://www.geocities.com/dankine/member ... adriel.jpg"> <P>------------------
I'm only wearing black until they invent a darker colour<p>[This message has been edited by nadriel (edited 01-15-2002).]

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I suppose it's fitting that Tim pulls out a file on me from the FIB archives...<P><strong>New additions:</strong> [5:37 GMT, 15th Jan 2002] Added a 'Weaknesses' header. Clarified several issues with articles using the <code>abbrev</code> tag<sup>1</sup>.<P><strong>File ID Number / FIB Sort Code</strong>: TZRK8711
<strong>Random Access Hash Number</strong>: #6615(Magic#[8811])
<strong>Archive Location (archive details)</strong>: Nuremberg 17/52 (up until cluster 42) / Rockies 16/87 (Up until EOF)
<strong>Code Name</strong>: nyarlahotep
<strong>Real Name</strong>: Tariq Kamal (born Tariq Ali bin Mohd. Kamal, shortened for obvious reasons <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gif"> )
<strong>Otherwise Known As</strong>: Teh Tarik, Tarik Tali, kuru (original Internet nick, still in use within the Discworld MUD and ICQ) and variants of name, both real and invented.
<strong>Age (<em>years, as of January 2002</em>)</strong>: 20.
<strong>Gender</strong>: Male
<strong>Height</strong>: 5' 8"
<strong>Weight</strong>: Variable, but between 140 - 160 pounds.
<strong>Ethnicity</strong>: Asian [Maternal Grandfather: Indian (Nagapatnam) - Malay (Siam), Maternal Grandmother: Chinese, Father: Pure Javanese. Nominally classed a Malay <em>Bumiputera</em>.]
<strong>Hair Color & Texture</strong>: Black, curly -- though perhaps not because of genetic predisposition and more of enviromental factors. Currently being worn long.
<strong>Eye Color</strong>: Brown.
<strong>Identifying Marks</strong>: <abbrev title="Bacille Calmette-Guerin Vaccine">BCG</abbrev> scar on left shoulder, chicken-pox scar on chest, just above breastbone, injury scar over left arm. All are keloid scars, and are unlikely to disappear.
<strong>Occupation</strong>: Student, undergoing BSc (Hons.) in Computing Science in Middlesex University, London.
<strong>Relation to Science Fiction Club</strong>: Reads <abbrev title="annonated by Tim: What the hell do they mean by FANS?">FANS</abbrev>. Participates in discussion <abbrev="annonated by Guth: Must consider connection with Bavarian Illuminati.">board</abbrev>.
<strong>Interests</strong>: Unquantifiable, but ranges from computers to gaming to porn to philosophy.
<strong>Other pertinent information</strong>: Malaysian Citizen. Nominally a Sunni (Shafi'ite) Muslim. Family has ties to several multinational companies in Malaysia, as well as ties with current Malaysian government administration. Personal involvement however is almost insignificant.
<strong>Weaknesses</strong>: Dislikes conspiracies, so most <abbrev title="Fantasmagoric Integration Board">FiB</abbrev> schemes are usually ignored or discounted. Has an unfortunate nit-picking streak, and detail obsession may cloud judgement. Occasionally gets obsessed with data structures -- information he publishes may contain one or two layers of extra 'meaning'. Occasionally listless and depressed. Has bleak outlook on humanity, despite positive reinforcement. Occasional bloodlust and genocidal hatred for humanity in general -- usually stems from irrationality.<P><hr>
<li>May only be available in browsers for the visually impaired. Please check browser specs for clarification.</li>
</ol><p>[This message has been edited by nyarlahotep (edited 01-15-2002).]

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Code Name: Shadow
Real Name: Langlois, Jason L.
Known Aliases: Piichuu, Jai-kun, WallFlower
File ID Number: 3902-WTF0284
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200 pounds
Ethnicity: Caucasian, mixed
Hair Color: Sand-blonde (usually worn short or shaven)
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Identifying Marks: None
Occupation: Tech Support for a local company
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Probational member, seldom active. Not in the "inner clique".
Interests: Computer Gaming, writing, anime (specifically Pok

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<B>Code Name:</B>PDI
<B>Real Name:</B> Scott Maddix
<B>Known Aliases:</B> Scix, Woofaboomus, Otto Maddix, Robin Lepidoptera
<B>File ID Number:</B> SM8684
<B>Age:</B> 32
<B>Gender:</B> Male
<B>Height:</B> 66"
<B>Weight:</B> 175 pounds
<B>Ethnicity:</B> Caucasian (Usually selects "other" on standardised tests)
<B>Hair Color:</B> Blond/brown/red
<B>Eye Color:</B> Blue
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> None.
<B>Occupation:</B> Adult Retail, Webtoonist
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> Alisin shops at his store, Tim reads his webcomic
<B>Interests:</B> Alternative lifestyles and religions, webcomics
<B>Other Pertinent:</B> Is associated with known terorist groups <a href="http://www.foodnotbombs.net/">Food Not Bombs</a> and <a href="http://www.lambdaletters.org/">Lambda Letters</a>, is a registered Conscientious Objector after having served 80% of a 5-year hitch in the US Navy, known Pagan agitator, has ties with the media, "official" record is clean. Is rumored to be the brains behind a number of subversive publications throughout school and Navy career.
<B>Skills:</B> Public speaking, writing, photo-editing, rabble-rousing.
<B>Weaknesses:</B> Despises politics, and therefore and movement he is behind tends to be disorgsanized.<P>
<B>Scott Maddix</B>
<A HREF="http://pdi.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>Psychic Dyslexia Institute</A>
<A HREF="http://spoon.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>Fire on the Mountain</A>

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NEWBIE ALERT!!! <P>Code Name: Indigo Warrior
Real Name: Indi Moore
Known Aliases: Carrie, Kaitlin, Kitten
File ID#: L337-5P34K-MU57-D13
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 82kg
Ethnicity: Irish-blooded American
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: GREEN
Identifying Marks: Scar on Knee, Scar running full length behind right ear (replaced eardrum in kindergarten ;.; still doesn't work!)
Occupation: University Student, currently studying abroad at Kansai Gaidai University, Japan
Relation to SF Fan Club: Too fannish for my own damn good! (I don't think it's possible, but it's what people say...)
Interests: Acquiring languages, books, getting lost in fantasy and science fiction, using imagination
Weaknesses: Imagination, getting lost in fantasy.. ^.^ Would give anything for interesting occurrences...
Other pertinent information: New to Fans, read all of the archives in two days, drooling over the keyboard.. @.@ Is a little afraid of forums, has had BAAAAD past experience on them (with people who were not so kind and not interested in new people)... but is looking forward to meeting new folk and learned to read over the forum discussions this time.. and not post a "hi i'm new!" discussion... please be kind!<P>"A dream makes evolution"

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Keep those Dossiers coming! :smile:

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Code Name: Teresias
Real Name:Who's asking?
Known Aliases: xgamer, Teresias
File ID#: k1L+1ng f00L
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 120 lbs
Ethnicity: Scotch-Irish-blooded dwarf
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: Beard, moustache, warspork, Massive Ladle of Bashing (MLB), a pet panther, a styling kilt :grin:
Occupation: Local board harassment disitribution official :grin:
Relation to SF Fan Club: I... I can't stop reading webcomics! Please! Someone tear me away from my computer before it's too late! Argh! :grin:
Interests: Making new kilts, kilting people, spreading the Scottish word, hanging out in the forums.
Weaknesses: Pants! They're like cryptonite, man! :eek:

*looks back over his post*


Umm... remind me to NEVER post this late again, 'kay? :grin:

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Code Name: Nabiki_neumann
Real Name: Patricia (just one name, kinda like Cher, or CLinton, or Madonna. . . The list goes on)
AKA: Trizh
File ID #: DELETED! (I am not a number I'M A FREE WOMAN!!!!
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: in neighborhood of 130-140 (haven't weighed since last doctor's appointment, still fit my old clothes)
Ethnicity: Native American/Caucasian
Hair: Dark Brown
eyes: Black
ID marks: none
Occupation: CAD operator, programmer, aspiring writer
Interests: Reeading, writing, spreading mass confusion
Relation to SF Fan Club: Lifetime member at local university
Weaknesses: The endless search for my real purpose. . . Martha Stewart (she's like Kryptonite to my soul, man)
Pertinent Info: SOmetimes I may disappear. . . I can never remember passowrds and amd too impatient to wait for them. . .
Look forward to hearing more from the faans' fans

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Post by Alisin »

Code Name: Alisin
Real Name: Fiona
AKA: Perja
File ID #:RPG021455
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Her weight in smart ass replies
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown/Green
ID marks: none
Occupation: Student, occasional computer geekette
Interests: World domination, drawing, comic browsing
Relation to SF Fan Club: Lifetime member
Weaknesses: Your overconfidence in your files is yours.
Pertinent Info: Loves Faans, threatens to submit T Campbell & Co to the terrifying PuppyLook With Watery Eyes (tm) superweapon if Alisin dies
Pass the Ammunition, Brother.

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Code Name: Ohamsie
Real Name: Matt
AKA: Ohamsie?
File ID #: Yellow
Age: 19
Gender: male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Um, beats me. Skinny.
Ethnicity: White
Hair: Brown
eyes: Blue
ID marks: glasses
Occupation: college student, during the summer I work at an amusement park
Interests: Reeading, writing, video games (why is there no fan gamer?), sometimes sci-fi/fantasy depending on my mood
Relation to SF Fan Club: apparently went to the wrong college because there's <i>nothing</i> like that here.
Weaknesses: horrible dancer, crippling shyness
Pertinent Info: none that I can think of offhand

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Post by Maccabee »

On 2002-03-13 17:36, ohamsie wrote:

Relation to SF Fan Club: apparently went to the wrong college because there's <i>nothing</i> like that here.
So start one.

Risus est telum ultimum contra tyrranidem. Nullus dictator exercitibus totiis ridiculem vulgi longe resistere potest.

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Post by Khavren »

On 2002-03-13 18:04, Maccabee wrote:
On 2002-03-13 17:36, ohamsie wrote:

Relation to SF Fan Club: apparently went to the wrong college because there's <i>nothing</i> like that here.
So start one.

We don't all have your charasmatic leadership skills Maccabee.

Advice like this always irks me cause unless your the kind of person who responds to a kick in the ass by totally getting off it and creating something, it's pretty pat and useless. Something like, Wander around the dorm and find people watching star trek, talk to them about science fiction, then check out what's needed for an offical school club, put up flyers and be happy if 4 or 5 people show up for it to talk about science fiction and watch bad movies together out of a 7000 person school; would be more usefal advice