I like your comic!

Postby Remi on Thu Dec 28, 2000 1:25 am

Heh, I know for a fact that russ (Ko Fight Club) got the link for the strip off my site (Too Fat to be a RockStar). I am so ahead of the pack. The strip continues to intrigue and delight. I am so glad it's daily.<P><P>------------------
<A HREF="http://www.too-fat.com" TARGET=_blank>Too Fat to be a Rockstar</A>
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Postby Gwalla on Thu Dec 28, 2000 12:12 pm

I got the link off of <A HREF="http://www.kofightclub.com" TARGET=_blank>Ko Fight Club</A>. I've since plugged it on the <A HREF="http://wscholars.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>Weishaupt Scholars</A> forum (which prompted Michael Martin to put it on his XenoCam), mentioned it a few times on the #crfh chat channel, and listed it in my "best art" list and as an up-and-coming "honorable mention" in my top 10 list in the Keenspace General forum.<P>------------------
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