Block'd: An Adventure of Cubic Proportions

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Block'd: An Adventure of Cubic Proportions

Postby OtterTeej on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:31 am

So, I'm working on a new project, here. The comic's story takes place in a world that follows the rules of Minecraft, so naturally it uses the game engine for some images. But it's not a game for the characters; it's their lives. The comic is an overarching, adventure story with a humor focus and uses screenshots from the game as a background and custom models and skins posed and rendered in 3D modeling software for the characters. Here's the main characters:


So, that's 8Pixl (Pixl), the hapless newbie who knows next to nothing about the world, InSinR8R (Sin), the badass weapons specialist who loves kicking ass (think Tuddrussel from Time Squad) and Cookievenom (Cookie), the alchemist-in-training who uses her powers for both building and combat. These three builders have been called to save the world from an evil that threatens the entire Crafting Realms.

The world itself uses elements from Vanilla Minecraft and several mods (BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, Equivalent Exchange, WeaponsMod, RedPower, Etc.) to give the world character and depth, as well as a few custom elements (hardcore mode, class selection, vehicles) that I've invented to make the world deeper and in some cases, more dangerous.

Basically, it's not so much a Minecraft comic as much as it's a comic that uses Minecraft for art assets. The story is somewhat centered around Minecraft elements, but it more uses Minecraft as a jumping-off point before going in a different direction considering Minecraft has no real story per-se. Either way, I'm working on the first "saga" at the moment and I like how it's coming out. Needless to say, a griefer is the first main villain. :)

So, thoughts? I always like feedback and constructive criticism.
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