[FIXED] FTP consistent timeout

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[FIXED] FTP consistent timeout

Postby andymac on Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:13 pm

I signed up for CG three days ago, and received my confirmation email yesterday (subj:"Your ComicGenesis account is ready."). I have received the same error from every attempt to FTP to my site in the last 24 hours. I have used nautilus, bareFTP, ftp, curlftpfs, and the website here on CG but all timeout before I can logon. I tried to use a HTTP proxy, and changing my IP with the ISP in case it was something to do with my IP, but that timed out using the web ftp also. I can still seem to upload using siteadmin, but I cannot change the templates or delete the unwanted first comic. I could logon to FTP yesterday, but even then uploading would timeout (error: "Host closed connection"), but I could still see the directories. Updating has not seemed to work either, A comic I uploaded via siteadmin was sheduled for upload yesterday, but it has not appeared. I used a regular update.

My domain is barelyworking.comicgenesis.com

Has anyone has any similar problems to this? can someone help me?

EDIT: That's weird, it just came back up.
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