Crimson Flower - Portuguese Comic Project

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Crimson Flower - Portuguese Comic Project

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Hello to all :)

We would like to greet all the participants in this forum and immediately thank any kind of interest shown in this topic!

This topic was open to present a portuguese comic project entitled "Crimson Flower".

"Crimson Flower" is a noir styled comic, about a femme fatale which is an agent of a non-governmental organization that fights organized crime.
On a monthly basis (initially weekly), mini episodes will be released in english about the missions and life of Crimson Flower in Vertigo City.

This project's launch and development will be on facebook, it's page is already created:


We would apreciate that all of you help us promote this new project and support by clicking "Like" on the "Crimson Flower" facebook page.
We would also like that when the episodes are released, you would send us your opinions and suggestions directly the "Crimson Flower" facebook page or to the following e-mail:

This inicial phase of launching the new project is very important and your support is always a big help for us!

Thank you very much,
This way productions

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