Slow Children

Postby Bobby J on Wed Dec 05, 2001 8:46 am

Hello All! It is I, Bobby J, the goofy kid on the bottom of the cover of the slow children picture.. The one with the backward hat and huge badge...yeah so Wasssup everyone lol. Slow children is basically the Minor Leagues of Saturday Night Live. Skits, Comedy and a whole lot of fun. Leave suggestions for skits and if we use them, we'll give you a nice thank you. Well thats about it. Take care and Long Live!!!!
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Postby Steve Emond on Wed Dec 05, 2001 9:03 am

Yup, that's Bobby J- the same bobby from the cartoons! That makes him famous. And it makes me extra famous.<P>Pretty soon I'll do the Slow Children page. I can post some skits (or links to them), some stills, maybe interviews, a Slow CHildren Email adress... all the kinds of stuff visitors would love if they knew this site existed!<P>Damn.<P>~Steve
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